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Union Kitchen Serves as D.C.’s Food Incubator

Union Kitchen Serves as D.C.’s Food Incubator

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The food scene in Washington, D.C., is following the national farm-to-table trend and is bursting with restaurants featuring locally sourced produce, meats, cheeses, breads and other consumable goods. However, restaurants are only one part of the thriving local food economy. D.C. is also home to many non-brick-and-mortar food companies, including catering services, food trucks, bakeries, and food product development businesses that are trying to make a name for themselves in a competitive market. Union Kitchen aims to help them thrive. This local food incubator gives these companies a support system.

Housed in a former warehouse just south of Union Market, Union Kitchen helps small businesses stay out of debt by providing them with a place for production, marketing, distribution, and everything in between — this mitigates many of the big risks of opening a business on their own. It’s only been open for about 18 months and already hosts almost 50 residents and even has a waiting list. Potential members can visit Union Kitchen’s website and apply to become a resident. Members produce many unique items in the community kitchens, but one unifying factor is the ability for entrepreneurs to interact with one another, share shoulders to cry on, and slap some mean high fives.

The following five companies are all trying to find a home in D.C.’s food scene.

PraVAha•Vita ( produces a training bar, similar to Clif Bars, for athletes. This company’s products are made without preservatives, syrups, soy protein isolate crisps, or ingredients that start with “X” or end with numbers. Kathleen Hodge and her partner, Daniel Metcalf, originally began producing bars loaded with almond butter, chia seeds, banana, coconut, and chocolate, and handed them out to friends and fellow athletes but soon realized the potential market for their product. You can find PraVAha•Vita bars in many local food shops or order directly online, with free drop-off in D.C.

Broodjes and Bier A semester abroad in Amsterdam showed Sarah Frimpong, co-owner of Broodjes and Bier,. Drawing on Dutch flavor combinations, and focusing on fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Frimpong and team began working originally with the Silver Spork — an Eastern Marketplace-based restaurant and market — and are now regular residents at Union Kitchen. Mouthwatering selections include the Classic, with 18-month aged Gouda, cucumber, tomato, red onion, mayo, Dijon and arugula; and the Vondel Park, with prosciutto, aged goat gouda, fig jam, balsamic reduction and arugula. These sandwiches are available in a few select food shops, so check the company’s website to see where to find them.

Udderly Nuts produces small-batch almond milk, rendered safe in a unique fashion — under pressure. And no, Bowie, that doesn’t mean in a high-stress environment .The almonds are carefully ground up and mixed with filtered water, then instead of using heat, they use pressure to ensure product safety, in a process called high-pressure pascalization. This process also retains the flavor of almonds more efficiently, too. Co-owners Nick Litz, Nick Dober, Ryan Keating, and Sam Hakimi have been in Union Kitchen for about three months and produce a beverage chock-full of the goodness of almonds. And what’s more, it’s an all-natural and preservative-free product, offering five times more protein than traditional almond milk. Udderly Nuts Almond Milk is found in many local food stores (such as Yes! Markets and Glen’s Garden Market), and is available in “Original” and “Hint of Honey.”

Three ANOA , an Indonesian sambal company, also calls Union Kitchen home. Sambal is a sauce, typically made from chilies and other seasoning ingredients, such as garlic, ginger, shallots, fish paste, or shrimp. The richly flavorful ingredients are combined with other uniquely Indonesian flavors (such as young green mangoes, or green tomatoes) creating a sauce palette that can be used as a marinade, cooking sauce or finishing sauce or for anything that your heart desires — with a chili-packed kick. Partners Agus Wong and Anthonios (Tony) Munaba developed sambals to capture the true flavors that they missed from home, but they were unsure whether they would be successful. Luckily, Washingtonians were lined up around the corner to purchase sambal. Currently, four sambals are available and can be found in local food markets.

Capital Kombucha The folks at Capital Kombucha produce an age-old Asian fermented tea (fermented just like beer and wine) that’s loaded with probiotic goodies to help your gut. If you’ve tried kombucha and you don’t like it, you’re not alone. Andreas Schneider, one of the co-founders of Capital Kombucha, said he had a similar experience. As a project in business school, Schneider and partners John Lee and Dan Lieberman embarked on a kombucha journey that landed them on the shelves of over 100 retailers spanning Virginia Beach to Philadelphia. The company’s approach is simple: to create a healthy beverage option. Captial Kombucha is now one of the larger companies based in the Kitchen, and their product line-up of nine flavors can be found at most local food markets.

Co-Packers, Contract Packagers, and Private Labelers

It’s easy to perfect a recipe at home. You buy exactly the ingredients you want, from the most trusted suppliers, and create in small controlled batches. Scaling up to a commercial kitchen is not a problem either as you are still making small batches using top ingredients. But all this changes when you jump up to a co-packer. Co-packers require huge productions runs to be profitable. This means your mixing and cooking methods will be entirely different, the batches will be enormous, and you will stop buying your ingredients from the farmers market and the natural foods store. The scale is entirely different so everything else needs to scale as well. So be prepared to be disappointed. It will take a lot of tweaking to match the quality that you were accustomed to in your home kitchen.

Compounding the problem of finding a co-packer is just that – finding one. The industry puts little effort into marketing themselves and co-packers in general seem uninterested in attracting new clients. The resources available are incomplete and fragmented. Below are some of the better databases for co-packers. Below that is my own list of co-packers sorted by type ( cold fill, aseptic, dry blending, frozen foods, beverages, etc). Good luck and hang in there!

Union Kitchen Expands to Washington, D.C.’s Ivy City

Washington, D.C.-based restaurant general contractor, Hospitality Construction Services, was recently tapped by Jonas Singer and Cullen Gilchrist to construct a second location for the area’s well-known food incubator, Union Kitchen. Rob Mescolotto, founder and owner of the construction firm, brought the new space to life by value engineering a communal kitchen space that is both functional and cost-effective. This project, which will give food startups the means to thrive and grow, is a welcomed addition to the up and coming Ivy City neighborhood.

Mescolotto and his team created: A 4-to-5-inch concrete curb underneath the walls, allowing for regular cleanings that would not affect the concrete and epoxy flooringClean ceiling tiles, roll-up doors for food trucks to load and unload, grease interceptors built below the floor, and massive walk-in freezers and refrigeratorsEmpty, rentable areas that have all the connectors built in for equipment, but are left open for customization.

Hospitality Construction Services kept the Union Kitchen project well under budget by paying close attention to the layout, avoiding fire wrap installation, modifying the PVC piping, and installing equipment intelligently.

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Incubator kitchens serve up space for entrepreneurs who cook

Along with the farm-to-table movement, commercial kitchens — in the form of incubator kitchens — are changing the way we eat today. Thanks to the new crop of shared-industrial kitchens, food entrepreneurs are cooking up their dreams. These city-licensed production facilities rent space to certified food handlers, who turn locally sourced farm-fresh ingredients into interesting, healthful, ready-to-eat food.

Kitchen in the Market, Kindred Kitchen and City Food Studio, all in Minneapolis, and GIA Kitchen in St. Paul are among the spots that provide commercial space, appliances and equipment that help small businesses save on start-up costs. Entrepreneurs rent space in one of these commercial spots to make products on a larger scale before committing to a manufacturing facility.

But the real value for these entrepreneurs in the commercial kitchens is in the relationships these spaces help foster.

Take City Food Studio, in south Minneapolis, home of Gustola Granola Pashan raw, superfood snack bars Tempeh Tantrum tempeh Rise Bagel Company’s artisan bagels, and Eat for Equity catering.

“There’s so much creative energy among these artists,” said founder Journey Gosselin. “When they’re in the kitchen together, they just start talking and sharing ideas, about everything — new flavors, where to source ingredients, or marketing, packaging and distribution.”

If Gosselin has attracted an energetic and innovative group of entrepreneurs, it’s because he is one himself. He’s a skilled carpenter, painter, tile layer and plumber who renovated on his own much of what was an old Mexican restaurant.

“I had no idea jack-hammering a cement floor could be so much fun,” he said with a laugh.

Gosselin, 47, is fast-talking and quick-witted, with an upbeat vibe. Raised in New York City, he graduated from Grinnell College in Iowa and then landed in Minneapolis, where he baked bread for Gelpe’s (the Twin Cities’ first artisan bakery), designed theater sets for Jeune Lune, worked for an environmental lobbyist, the state attorney general’s office, and finally for Target, which he recently left to devote himself full time to City Food Studio.

“Getting started is the easy part,” Gosselin said. “Now we’re at the point where we need to make some investment decisions around growth. We’re considering purchasing a freezer, walk-in cooler, and creating more shelf space,” Gosselin said.

“This way a tenant could contract directly with a farmer to purchase 1,000 pounds of produce in season to freeze for the year.

“Or maybe we need a second kitchen. There’s a lot of opportunity.”

With its fresh interior of white and black tile and pale green walls, City Food Studio is a warmly lit and inviting gathering place for pop-up dinners, cooking classes and gallery space that has sparked a range of artistic collaborations.

Gosselin plans to join forces with Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center, a metalworking studio across the street. Bakers could go there to cast their own cookware, such as rosette cookie irons, for example.

In between dealing with all the details of running a business — the budgeting, paperwork, maintenance, plus hosting open houses and tours — Gosselin continues to pursue his own creative dream of making cheese, and perhaps baking bialys.

“I love making bialys,” he said. “Like everything, it’s a work in progress.”


Nadine Bailey-Joyner, a chef and nutritional adviser who specializes in teaching low-income D.C. residents how to eat healthy on a budget, packages her homemade pies. Photo by Victoria St. Martin.

Feeding the hungry is not enough. They also need to be fed well, according to Nadine Bailey-Joyner, who calls herself “Chef Nadine.” Bailey-Joyner strives to improve lives in D.C. through nutrition education, rather than just food donations.

“I’m a woman that has a mission to try to introduce the underserved population to have a better understanding and relationship with fresh foods,” Bailey-Joyner said.

In the scope of food and poverty, Bailey-Joyner is the second line of defense.

Empty calories are cheap. But, for many low-income D.C. residents who are barely able to scrape by, cheap food is a double-edged sword accompanied by high rates of obesity and health problems.

Bailey-Joyner combats this paradox through her business, Satisfying Solutions. Its mission is to teach underprivileged Washingtonians how to turn inexpensive ingredients into delicious, wholesome meals, she said.

Bailey-Joyner’s compassion is felt by some recipients of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, also known as “WIC.” This Department of Agriculture federal assistance program serves low-income pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children under the age of five, according to its website. Bailey-Joyner frequently instructs cooking classes at WIC centers so mothers can learn to provide their children with healthy, budget-friendly food.

Reformulating the conversation on nutrition

About five years ago, Bailey-Joyner was overweight and experiencing serious health complications. She decided to combat this by transforming her diet. Instead of giving up her favorite foods, she learned to reformulate recipes with simple fixes. She realized she could still have her cake and eat it too, as long as that cake was baked with whole wheat flour, soy milk and organic cage-free eggs. After losing 25 pounds and seeing improvements to her blood pressure, Bailey-Joyner wanted to help others who were grappling with nutrition on a budget.

“I saw people just like me who were struggling to find ways to get healthy but could not afford the programs available,” she said.

Donnita Baccous, a former WIC recipient, is one of those people. Baccous takes care of her children, and previously her grandmother until she passed away. After her grandmother survived two strokes and a heart attack as a result of an unhealthy diet, she turned to Bailey-Joyner for help. Her grandmother had an unshakeable taste for Fritos. It became a serious point of contention between the two, Baccous said.

‘I’m a woman that has a mission to try to introduce the underserved population to have a better understanding and relationship with fresh foods.’

— Bailey-Joyner

Her grandmother’s breakthrough — and the mending of their strained relationship — came when Bailey-Joyner taught her how to make nutritious “mock Fritos” by slicing up corn tortillas with a pizza cutter, sprinkling them with a little salt and baking them. For comparison’s sake, a standard two-ounce bag of Fritos is 320 calories, while a typical corn tortilla is just about 70 — almost a fifth of the calories.

“She was really a blessing to me,” Baccous said about Bailey-Joyner’s transformative assistance. “She gave me opportunity.”

A recipe for farmers market success

WIC recipients have access to fresh fruits and vegetables through the Farmers Market Nutrition Program, but the program vouchers are often underutilized, according to Bailey-Joyner.

Bailey-Joyner learned that the vouchers were going unused because the mothers felt lost on what to buy. Naturally, she set out to help.

She now calls the farmers market organizers a few days ahead to find out what the farmers will be selling and creates a recipe using those ingredients. Then, she holds a cooking demo at the market and distributes the recipe to the mothers in English and Spanish.

Financing a healthy future for D.C.

To help fund her growing business, Bailey-Joyner launched Nutrition Synergies, a retail line of wholesome desserts. Her most popular products are sweet potato pie and navy bean pie.

Even though finances are a major challenge in her work, Bailey-Joyner often pays out of pocket for the people who cannot afford her service. The WIC agency sponsors the cooking classes for their recipients, but Bailey-Joyner funds classes for senior citizens, schools and several other groups herself. A typical class of 75 people can cost $100 to $125 to run. Bailey-Joyner manages to stay in business between selling her dessert line and her husband’s income. She also feels confident that more grants will come in time.

To save money, she works at Union Kitchen, a food incubator run in a Northeast D.C. warehouse. Startup food businesses share kitchen space and equipment that might have been otherwise unaffordable.

To serve the people she helps, Bailey-Joyner said that taking a leap of financial faith is worth it.

“If you get up and you think about serving humanity and not yourself, then that’s really the pay off,” she said.

2021 Farmers and Artisans

Bar & Bean

Bar & Bean believes healthy living is their number one priority and seeing people change their lifestyle to drinking and eating healthier is key. Bar & Bean uses organic and local foods to make juices and smoothies that taste great and have great benefits like preventing diseases, losing weight and increasing energy.

Popping up popcorn for over a decade, Delmarva Popcorn is known for savory and candy glazed popcorn, caramel, and of course, Mark’s Kettle-Korn. Made local and in small batches, this gourmet popcorn is always fresh. They use only regionally sourced popcorn to ensure the best quality of every kernel. Special orders welcome.

Dmv empanadas

Empanadas, authentic and fresh, the baked pies from DMV Empanadas are bursting with flavor in every bite. Serving delicious meat, shrimp, cheese, and vegetable empanadas made from scratch daily. Choose from savory flavors like Spinach Cheese, BBQ Pork, Cheeseburger, and Shrimp Old bay to name a few. Take home a flavorful assortment of handmade empanadas today.


FishScale prepares delicious burgers sourced from sustainable wild fish in accordance with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program. They purchase fish fresh every day, fillet and make their burgers in house daily. There are no breadcrumbs or any other fillers in the burgers, just a quarter pound of fresh fish that is grilled over natural hardwood at the time you order. Served with house-made condiments made from organic produce and ingredients.

Hog Haven Farm

Pasture-raised heritage hog farm offering USDA packaged pork products and a wide menu of hot food featuring the pork produced by the farmer.

Larry's produce

Delivering fresh, local vegetables straight from the hills of southern Virginia, Larry's Produce offer's the freshest lettuces, herbs, root vegetables, peppers, tomatoes, berries, melons and more. Their selection and variety changes seasonally but you can always count on Larry’s to bring to market hand-picked products straight from the ground. Grown locally and sustainably.

Muggerz BBQ

Muggerz BBQ "Hand Crafted Slow Smoked BBQ Done Right" With over a decade of experience Muggerz BBQ offers the authentic smoked BBQ experience. Muggerz products are carefully handcrafted and scrumptiously prepared. They use locally sourced hickory and oak hard woods, homemade and local ingredients, and humanly raised chicken, beef, and pork. There is nothing quite like BBQ in the air.

Sweetdele’s sweet treats

Baked goods and sweet treats are the foundation of Sweetdele’s Sweet Treats with delicious and mouth-watering items like Lemon Pound Cake, Rum Cake, and Buttermilk Pound Cake. Whole Bundt Cakes, Cupcakes, along with fresh baked cookies are available for sale. Special orders are welcome. Sweetdele's Sweet Treats are made in Union Kitchen as part of a food incubator that propels local businesses to succeed.

The fresh mobile

The FreshMobile serves delicious, handcrafted limeade made with fresh blended limes, fresh herbs, and fine spices. Bursting with flavor, the drink is made with both ginger and mint. You can also customize your order and add options like cayenne pepper, cinnamon, sea salt and other spice blends or a shot of 100% juiced kale, beets, or carrot. It's a Peruvian family recipe with a new generation twist!

Wild bay kombucha

Kombucha for both new and seasoned drinkers, Wild Bay Kombucha is made using time-honored fermentation techniques and unique flavor combinations like Elderberry, Mango Peach, Ginger Agave, Watermelon Hops, and Tart Cherry Ginger to name just a few. Their simple and honest recipe produces a great product that creates a loyal following of regular fans.

Interested in becoming a chop vendor?

For vendor application, please click here.
For vendor handbook, please click here.

View our seasonality chart to find out which fruits and vegetables are in season.

Union Kitchen Grocery Opens in Shaw With Around 100 DC-Made Products

In many ways, Union Kitchen Grocery just wants to be an average neighborhood corner store. You can get toilet paper, tomatoes, and flour. But blended in with the household names and pantry staples is something a little less average: around 100 District-made products.

Union Kitchen, a culinary incubator and commissary that’s helped launch a wide range of local food companies, opened its first grocery less than two years ago in Capitol Hill as a way to showcase its members and help them get their start in retail. Yesterday, its second, larger location debuted at 9th and N streets, Northwest in a corner of the Convention Center. A couple more stores are also in the works.

“We don’t want to be a specialty store,” says Union Kitchen CEO Cullen Gilchrist. “If local is just a niche thing, it’s just going to be a niche thing. And then it doesn’t have any market share. It doesn’t grow.”

So yes, you can get a bottle of Capital Kombucha, but you can also get a Coke—which, frankly, is the top selling beverage so far. Maybe you try DC-made ‘Chups fruit ketchup, but there’s also Tabasco.

Try lemon-ginger kombucha or a grapefruit hop beverage on tap.

Among the store’s new features is an espresso bar with a nitro draft section. Customers can pour themselves one of three seasonal cold brews from a tap, or opt for draft lemon-ginger kombucha, grapefruit hop, and orange “dreamsicle” drinks from Virginia’s Cascade Beverage Company.

A hot bar will occasional feature takeovers from Union Kitchen members.

In the mornings, the Shaw spot will serve eggs, sausage, and breakfast sandwiches. There’s also a yogurt and oatmeal bar that transforms into a salad bar for lunch. A hot food bar will offer daily specials (yesterday: Indian dishes including butter chicken and palak paneer) plus occasional menu takeovers by Union Kitchen members.

The market has the same sandwich menu as its Capitol Hill counterpart, including an Italian sub and bulgogi banh mi. If you want a beer with your meal, single cans are available and can be consumed in a small seating area. (Patio furniture is coming.)

Beers are available by single cans as well as six-packs.

Not all Union Kitchen members are represented in the store. The many food and drink producers still have to have attractive packaging for the grocery, and meet certain retail standards. Also, they must create products that people will want to buy. “One thing you see a lot in a growing food community is people make things they don’t see in stores. But there’s a reason it’s not in stores, because generally people don’t want it,” Gilchrist says. He aims to sell products that have the potential to scale up, and eventually be sold in larger grocery stores.

“It’s how local gets a foothold,” Gilchrist says. “It isn’t just a fun, cute thing that Millennials do.”

Hatching new ideas – Big Food's incubator and accelerator programmes

As with in-house venture capital funds, for big food companies looking to gain exposure to new, exciting, potentially faster-growing categories, starting an incubator or accelerator is becoming increasingly popular.

Incubators and accelerators are not exactly the same thing. Although both offer support and guidance to start-ups, incubators are typically targeted at companies at an earlier stage. Accelerators are aimed at existing companies that have an idea and a business model already in place but which need help to propel their business forward.

Such vehicles, and especially incubators, provide mentoring and advice on everything from branding to attracting finance. There is also often a grant provided to the businesses chosen to take part in a programme and sometimes a cash prize for the business selected as the 'winner' from that year's intake.

But it is not pure altruism on the part of the food businesses. They get to work with, learn from and build relationships with some of the most interesting young challenger brands that are disrupting the market.

They may even have first option on taking an equity stake in the businesses in the future. The ability to sell an equity stake may even be built into the programme's make-up.

It's an alternative, and certainly cheaper way, of tapping into the likely trends of the food market of the future than investing. Start-ups often don't fulfil their early promise. An incubator allows the company running it to identify the likely winners and losers.

Here we look at some of the key incubators and accelerators tapping into food sector start-ups.

In Europe, the global food and beverage giant launched its Nutrition Greenhouse incubator programme in 2017, which continued into 2018. PepsiCo started a version of the programme in North America in the autumn of 2018.

Both initiatives, designed to discover and nurture breakthrough brands in the sector, saw companies receive grants and work with PepsiCo for six months. At the end of the period, one company is awarded further funding (EUR100,000 in Europe and US$100,000 in North America).

Companies that have taken place in the European version of the incubator include:

Erbology, a UK plant-based foods producer, won the first-year programme
Fit Kitchen, a UK ready meals maker
No Fairytales, a Dutch tortilla wrap company
Frecious, a Swiss cooking sauce company
Jiminis, a French insect-based snack maker

Companies selected to join the North America programme include:

Snack makers Bohana, IQ Bar, Wildway and Rule Breaker Snacks
US plant-based seafood supplier Sophie's Kitchen
Canada-based plant-based meals maker YoFiit

Hapi Drinks, a manufacturer of sugar-free kid's drinks, won the first edition of the North America Greenhouse programme in 2019.

In August 2020, Spudsy, a fledgling US snacks business making sweet-potato puffs from upcycled ingredients, was awarded a US$100,000 grant through the second edition of the North American version of PepsiCo's accelerator programme.

Kraft Heinz's Springboard Brands

Kraft Heinz launched the Springboard Brands incubator in March 2018 to "nurture, scale and accelerate growth" of disruptive food and beverage brands.

The five companies that took part in its inaugural programme (see below), included fermented foods supplier Cleveland Kraut, since re-named Cleveland Kitchen.

Sergio Eleuterio, the general manager of Springboard Brands, said at the time: "Hundreds of applications were carefully reviewed to select authentic propositions and inspired founders within one of the four pillars shaping the future of food: natural and organic speciality and craft health and performance and experiential brands.

"We are excited to kick off our programme with a group of great founders, amazing and purposeful products, that we wholeheartedly believe will succeed in the marketplace."

Over the course of 16 weeks, the selected start-ups participated in a programme composed of learning, funding, infrastructure access, and mentorship in Chicago.

According to the Springboard website, businesses chosen to join the incubator get funding of US$50,000 and then the "opportunity to earn additional funding, up to another $50,000 during the programme".

Incubator companies:

Ayoba-Yo, which makes and markets South African dried meat products biltong and droewors in the US, a market dominated by jerky
Cleveland Kraut (now re-named Cleveland Kitchen) which specialises in fermented foods
Kumana, best known for its Venezuelan-inspired Avocado Sauce
Poppilu, a Chicago-based antioxidant lemonade brand
Quevos, which makes salty and crunchy egg-white crisps that are low in carbs and fat

The second tranche was launched in March 2019 and was made up of Blake's Seed Based, Brami, Ka-Pop! Ancient inGRAINed Snack Co., Origin Almond and Tiny Giants.

The French dairy giant's Innovation Incubator is intended "to design and develop innovation to meet new needs not currently addressed by the other brands in the company's portfolio, to be launched on a test scale, whereby the team can learn, pivot and refine, and ultimately assess whether there is the potential to scale up".

This came to fruition in November 2019 with the launch of an "unapologetically indulgent" dessert brand in the UK in the shape of Pati & Coco.

It was launched via the incubator in partnership with UK big four supermarket Sainsbury's Future Brands initiative

The French food group also launched what it calls its "Manifesto Innovation Accelerator" in 2016.

"Working fast and experimenting on the go, the Manifesto Innovation Accelerator team identifies ways to boost collaboration and leverage strengths between company businesses while bringing Danone into new categories. The team itself is small and agile, comprising a range of backgrounds from project leaders and business designers to technology leaders," a spokesperson for Danone told just-food.

The accelerator is backing an "internal start-up" called Ayem, a business developed by a Danone executive.

"Ayem is a new almond based breakfast bowl with 15g of protein and omega 3 perfect for people on the go," the spokesperson said. "It is positioned as 'the best way to start your day as you mean to go on'. This is not a yogurt, but a totally new product, thick with a velvety satisfying texture, fresh and light in taste."

It activated at a pop-up outside of Paddington Station in London last year and launched in London in May 2018 via Office Drop and independent retailers.

Office Drop is a business delivering food and flowers to workplaces in the UK.

In 2019, the world's largest food maker set up an R&D accelerator in its home market of Switzerland, a bid, the company said at the time to "bring open innovation to a new level".

In the autumn of 2020, Nestlé launched a specific accelerator programme looking at the dairy and plant-based dairy markets. The Swiss giant stressed the scheme was about providing access not financial support.

Mark Schneider, Nestlé's CEO, said: "Innovation in milk products and plant-based dairy alternatives is core to Nestlé's portfolio strategy, as well as our sustainability agenda. As a company, we have set ambitious climate goals. This is part of our promise to develop products that are good for you and good for the planet."

In Africa, meanwhile, Nestlé has teamed up with Senegal-based Kinaya Ventures, which has set up the Spring Fellowship, an accelerator fund backed by corporate partners.

The move came in the spring of 2019 as part of Nestlé's efforts to work with start-ups and universities in six countries in sub-Saharan Africa on "environmentally friendly packaging solutions", sustainable cocoa plantlets, "affordable nutrition" and new routes to market.

The selected teams were to enter an accelerator programme to help advance and potentially commercialise their ideas. Those teams were to join an accelerator programme through which their ideas could end up hitting the market, Nestlé said. During the accelerator, the start-up and university teams were to work with Nestlé's R&D centre in Abidjan in Côte d'Ivoire.

Chobani and incubators in US and Australia

The US-based Greek yogurt maker launched its incubator programme in 2016 with six start-up food businesses and is now into its third year. It has also launched an incubator in Australia.

Its US programme, based in New York, provides access to the Chobani team's expertise, as well as other "industry leaders".

The company said the spring 2018 class for its incubator was comprised of companies that are "disrupting and improving high-potential food categories in the US", including snacks firm Puffworks.

Chobani Incubator director Jackie Miller said: "The past few years have proven the need, value and strong desire for a food incubator that is solely focused on supporting entrepreneurs who want to challenge the food industry, improve broken systems and bring better food to all people.

"Through this programme, we've seen companies double their distribution, expand their teams and launch new products - and we're just getting started."

The programme helps entrepreneurs break into the food and beverage industries through equity-free investment and a strong focus on mentorship.

The incubator's first class saw a more than 250% increase in distribution and 2.6x growth in annual revenue.

Chobani's programme had more than 650 applications for the nine spots in its second class - a 30% increase from the previous year.

In May 2018, Chobani said its US incubator had started to accept applications from "food tech start-ups" to work towards trying to "solve challenges all along the food and agriculture value chain: from waste reduction to food safety to supply chain traceability and more".

Incubator companies include:

88 Acres, which crafts snacks and seed butters free from the 11 most common food allergens
Fresh Bellies, which makes organic baby food, using herbs and spices to train baby palates
Masienda, which is a clean-label tortilla company
Noka, which makes superfood smoothie packs
Nona Lim, which makes products such as Asian-inspired soups, noodles, and broths with no additives, nor preservatives

The Canada-based dairy major launched Inno Accel, an "accelerator for dairy businesses", in October 2018, insisting that innovation was "key to the industry's survival".

Robert Coailler, Agropur's CEO, said: "The global economic environment, which is highly competitive, and the global economic context . require companies to constantly question their ways of doing things. Thus, innovation is a necessity, even a condition for survival for the entire dairy industry."

Agropur selected five companies for the first cohort:

- U Main, a Montreal company that develops do-it-yourself artisanal cheesemaking kits
- Sweetaly Dolceria, which makes desserts to traditional Italian recipes
- SaltiSweet Ice Cream Factory, a firm marketing ice cream that replaces the stick with a biscuit
- Peak Yogurt, which manufactures triple-cream, low-sugar yogurt
- Cheese Grotto, a firm providing cheese-storage devices for the home

US meat giant Tyson Foods forged an agreement to work with two business incubators which it said will directly connect it to the start-up communities of Silicon Valley and Chicago.

Tyson said it was tapping into entrepreneurs to speed up the pace of innovation, embrace emerging technologies and become more agile in its pursuit of sustainable growth.

It is working with incubators Plug and Play and 1871.

Tyson said: "Our collaboration with Plug and Play and 1871 are examples of how we are adopting new growth models to innovate faster than consumers and markets are changing.

"By partnering with these organisations and combining Tyson Foods' resources, capabilities and team members with the energy and innovation coming out of Silicon Valley and Chicago, we can have a positive impact on the industry and the food system."

Plug and Play is based in the Silicon Valley. Its chief revenue officer Michael Olmstead said: "Working with Tyson Foods means that we can create greater collaboration opportunities for food with an emphasis around solutions that have a positive impact on our food system."

1871 is based in Chicago. CEO Howard Tullman said: "We look forward to working with Tyson Foods to foster greater innovation within Chicago's entrepreneurial ecosystem. This partnership speaks highly to its ongoing commitment to drive real growth and encourage new thinking."

US food giant Campbell Soup Co. announced an accelerator unit in April 2018 as part of a reorganisation to better position the business to drive growth in fast-growing food categories.

The accelerator arm will invest in ''high-growth areas'' and take responsibility for innovation, nurturing small brands, e-commerce and new distribution models, Campbell said in spring 2018. As part of the reorganisation, the US group's Campbell Fresh, which includes brands like Bolthouse Farms, would be integrated into the new unit.

However, the accelerator was disbanded as a wider business overhaul saw Campbell sell off a series of assets, including Campbell Fresh, and focus on two divisions in North America.

In 2018, the US giant launched SnackFutures, an innovation and ventures arm to work with start-ups and help the group launch its own brands.

SnackFutures was to focus on three areas: one, "reinventing" some of Mondelez's smaller brands that had "large-scale potential" two, what the company called "venturing" with start-ups and, three, the "invention of new brands and businesses in key strategic areas".

Over time, SnackFutures focused more on the latter two areas, with investments including US chocolate maker Hu (which Mondelez bought outright in 2021) and the launch of the company's own brands, such as carbon-neutral cracker NoCOé.

In 2021, Mondelez set up an accelerator scheme under the SnackFutures unit. CoLab is a 12-week programme in which up to ten start-ups will take part, with each receiving a US$20,000 grant.

Mondelez, which said the programme was set to start in June 2021, was looking for businesses based in the US that already generate at least $500,000 in revenue. The Oreo owner said the firms must "have high growth potential".

The Hatchery

In November 2017, it was revealed US food giants Kellogg and Conagra Brands were backing Chicago-based, non-profit venture The Hatchery.

Its facility was expected to provide production space for around 75 businesses.

Kellogg described its backing for The Hatchery as "a mutually beneficial endeavour".

It said: "We will learn from them [companies taking part], as they learn from us, all while helping to facilitate business growth and development in a community that many of our own employees call home."

Kellogg said it provided some financial support for the building of the physical space, and will share the time and talent of some of its experts who will visit the incubator and provide education and insights to its tenants, where possible.

Conagra said it could end up acquiring stakes in the companies that use the space.

"It's possible. Conagra Brands will look at the companies coming out of The Hatchery just as we do with other potential M&A candidates," it said.

"Additionally, we will invest in businesses within The Hatchery by providing workshops, mentoring sessions and opportunities to share information between our employees and the entrepreneurs."

The Black Farmer

Confusingly, there is another food business incubator called The Hatchery, this one based in the UK.

The Black Farmer, not a business one would label Big Food but an established supplier nonetheless, is a UK food company best known for sausages and other meat products, launched The Hatchery, a collaborative incubator for food entrepreneurs.

The first cohort was made up of three businesses.

Prior to creating The Black Farmer CEO and founder Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones was involved in marketing and launching numerous food and drink brands including Loyd Grossman sauces and Kettle Chips. He said that experience has given him an understanding of the challenges facing emerging brands and insight into why nine out of ten businesses fail in their first three years.

"Bringing together a group of exciting food entrepreneurs under my wing means that they can benefit from some of the advantages that large businesses take for granted - knowledge, reputation, scale and financial resources," Emmanuel-Jones said.

"The key to beating the large, soulless corporate brands and the bland supermarket own labels, is to create a brand with personality - a brand that makes you feel something.

"That is why my first cohort has three businesses with brilliant founders who are driven by a strong mission, ethos or passion."

In February 2019 one of The Hatchery's incubator companies, Smorgasbord, won listings for its Swedish Meatballs at 'big four' UK supermarkets Asda and Sainsbury's.

Incubator companies:

Eat Life, which offers calorie-rich, high protein, nutritionally-fortified food and drinks
The Gym Kitchen, which makes high protein, low fat fresh food products to fuel a gym-based lifestyle
Planet Jason, which makes vegan burgers, sausages and chicken-type products

Lion's Unleashed

Australian food and drinks manufacturer Lion launched a start-up accelerator, Unleashed, saying the move would help speed up its "innovation agenda".

The company, owned by Japan's Kirin Holdings, launched a 12-week programme, designed in partnership with corporate accelerator specialist Slingshot.

Lion CEO Stuart Irvine said: "Innovation has been at the heart of Lion's 177 year success and is critical for our long-term, sustainable growth.

"Together with the R&D expertise of our parent company Kirin, we have a strong track-record of evolving both our alcohol and dairy portfolios to meet the changing needs and tastes of consumers. But no-one has a monopoly on great disruptive ideas that can really challenge and grow our people and our business.

"Unleashed is an opportunity for us to collaborate with the best and brightest start-ups, who at the same time can benefit from Lion's unique understanding across alcohol, dairy and juice, our deep manufacturing experience and potential partnership opportunities with our leading brands."

Lion said it was is looking to invest in start-ups within various different areas, including engaging consumers through technology, better-for-you products and value chain innovation.

Entrepreneurs who accepted onto the programme exchanged some of the equity in their business for up investment cash from Slingshot.

Incubator companies include:

SnackProud, a healthy snacking company
Yello, a home delivery business
Tayble, a restaurant ordering service

The US agri-food group, introduced a "dairy accelerator" in May 2017.

Mike Rakes, its marketing manager for innovation and new business development, said the company set up the accelerator to "grow the overall category" and "create an eco-system of knowledge sharing and learning, as well as a community of unique and forward thinking dairy companies".

He likens the accelerator programme to a "miniature MBA programme that covers all of the necessary elements to successfully grow a food company and equips them to take their company to the next level".

Participants receive an "equity-free" stipend of US$25,000 to cover the cost of travel to participate in the programme.

Land O'Lakes planned another accelerator for 2018.

The Spanish food manufacturer has also launched an accelerator programme.

The rice and pasta specialist sponsored the 2018 food accelerator programme run by Food Evolutions - an accelerator hub for the Spanish food tech sector.

The programme is free for start-ups and no equity is requested in return for joining the accelerator, according to Pedro Alvárez, managing partner of Food Evolutions.

Incubator companies:

Keen Bean, a business which makes baby food using a new technique called high pressure cold (HPP)
Eskesso, which is a vacuum cooking business which uses an app to activate the cooking process.
Mustache, a craft beer and raw material business which matches beer with different cuisines.
Fotawa, which provides a healthy food office delivery service
Baia Food, which is developing exotic enriched foods including a fruit from Africa with no record of consumption in the European Union.

The Mexican bakery giant runs the Eleva Food Technology Accelerator.

It focuses on nine 'verticals' including innovative ingredients and new products.

José Manuel Ramírez, the director for the bakery giant's Bimbo Ventures in-house investment arm, said: "We have increased the number of categories from six to nine, and will continue to offer the necessary tools for startups and scale-ups, offering finalists the chance to generate synergy with Grupo Bimbo.

The accelerator programme lasts 16 weeks and is held at Bimbo's head office in Mexico City.

Incubator companies:

Chia Mia, a Mexico-based functional food business
Munani, a Chile-based company which makes food using algae.

The CEOs of Just and Brinc said their platform Made Just - and an underlying accelerator - will concentrate on Asia.

Brinc and San Francisco's Just - formerly called Hampton Creek - said the accelerator is "a first-of-its-kind approach to bring sustainable and functional tools from the plant and animal kingdoms to the world's brightest entrepreneurs".

Brinc will invest more than HKD500,000 (US$64,000 at the prevailing exchange rate) a year in each of ten teams taking part in its Food Technology Accelerator.

The team will "gain access to a pipeline of discoveries from Just" via the Made Just platform. Just is behind alternative meat and dairy products such as Just Mayo. Just Ranch and Just Scramble. It said the plan is to share knowledge by bringing "sustainable and functional tools from the plant and animal kingdoms to the world's brightest entrepreneurs".

Israel's Strauss Foods has established The Kitchen FoodTech Hub, a technological incubator providing seed funding, mentorship, industry connections, and operational services for early-stage ventures operating in all areas of the food and beverage industry. It advises on raw materials, processing, manufacturing technologies, quality assurance, utilities, waste and energy, logistics, packaging, ingredients, value-added products, and more.

Incubator companies

Aleph Farms, a lab-based meat firm which in December 2018 created the first minute steak developed from animal cells.

In March 2019, the privately-owned food giant behind brands including Snickers chocolate and Dolmio cooking sauces launched an accelerator.

Mars, which has named its accelerator after organic-food brand Seeds of Change, looked to select companies in the US and in Australia.

In July 2019, Mars named the US companies taking part, with a set of fledgling businesses focused on areas including ethnic cuisine, plant-based foods and food waste.

Purple Carrot, the US meal kit firm, launched an incubator focused on start-up businesses working in the plant-based food space in November 2019.

Its Garden Incubator is intended to accelerate plant-based brands and "de-risk early stage companies for future investment."

Massachusetts-based Purple Carrot, which describes itself as the first 100% plant-based meal kit company, said the new service will be made available to select early-stage plant-based companies looking to scale.

It said The Garden will serve as an investor, an incubator and a launchpad that will provide a range of services "confirming product-market fit and establishing confidence and awareness for future investment and growth".

In addition to supporting entrepreneurs with a variety of business services such as strategy, branding, marketing, e-commerce, operations, fulfilment, and data analytics, Purple Carrot will provide companies with up to US$250,000 in seed funding.

Unovis Partners, a local venture capital firm working in the plant-based space, will provide this funding to those companies meeting its mandate and criteria through its New Crop Capital fund and serve as the founding sponsor for The Garden.

In February 2020, Finnish food group Valio linked up with local innovation specialist VTT and the University of Helsinki to launch a new accelerator.

It is intended to help food industry start-ups grow fast and reach the international market.

The accelerator is part of European network of six accelerators, EIT FAN, the aim of which is to promote a sustainable food system.

VTT's co-creation manager Mirva Lampinen said: "In the new accelerator led by VTT, start-up teams will be mentored and coached by experienced professionals from food research, production and marketing.

"At the same time, these experts can familiarise themselves with the world of start-ups. We expect the accelerator to consolidate the network of food industry companies and contribute to the success of Finnish companies on the international market. At best, the accelerator will also attract foreign start-ups and investments to Finland."

The US dairy co-op runs an annual accelerator programme for start-up companies in the ag-tech and dairy food spaces.

Its 2020 cohort was made up of nine companies &ndash six from the US and one each from Canada, the UK and Israel. It was unveiled in May 2020.

In 2021, Dairy Farmers of America re-named the accelerator. The DFA CoLab Accelerator, which continued to focus on "helping accelerate and grow ag-tech and dairy food product companies" issued a call for applicants in October of that year. The 90-day programme takes place from April 2021 to June 2021.

Its 2021 cohort was named in April 2021. It consists of ag-tech firms CattleEye, DairyOffice, H2Ok Innovations and VERI Nano and dairy food products business Saga Ventures, which has designed a single-serve cheese snacking bar to "provide healthy and satiable fuel between meals".

In August 2020, Italian dairy business Granarolo emerged as one of the backers of the new Bologna-based Agrofood accelerator.

Along with other local businesses - including egg producer Eurovo and branded food business Conserve Italia - it has created a fund of EUR500,000 (US$586,318) to back five early stage start-up businesses in the nutrition and health and sustainable packaging sectors.

The accelerator is said to have a goal to "transform the high innovative potential of youths, students and researchers who believe they have a winning idea into genuine ventures".

In April 2021 Target, the US retail heavyweight, launched an accelerator programme aimed at "disruptive" food and beverage manufacturers.

The Minneapolis-based grocer - a top ten US retailer by size - said its Target Takeoff Food and Beverage 2021 programme is "perfect for mature retail companies looking to scale and learn what it takes to get their products into Target retail stores".

It was due to take place from 19 July until 20 August 2021.

The Mexico-based food group has an accelerator programme, Tastech by Sigma, which the company says is "aimed at start-ups and scale-ups around the world" in three areas - "machine learning solutions, the development of new foods and ingredients, and the generation of new business models in the production, distribution and marketing of food products".

In 2021, Sigma Alimentos, which markets meat and dairy products, announced it had acquired a minority stake in The Live Green Co., a Chile-based supplier of plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products.

The US-based food manufacturer set up Bright Future Foods in 2020. Post, the owner of brands including Honey Bunches of Oats and Weetabix breakfast cereals, describes Bright Future Foods as "an incubator charged with identifying new technologies, business models and trends that have the potential to disrupt the food and beverage industry".

At the time of writing, Bright Future Foods has focused on its own product development, with plans to launch a line of oat-based snacks in May 2021.

In April of the same year, the incubator announced a "joint collaboration" with barley-based ingredients firm EverGrain to create "sustainable" food products. EverGrain, based in St. Louis in Missouri, is backed by beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev. It has invested almost US$100m in a site in St. Louis owned by Anheuser-Busch that will become the ingredients company's headquarters.

In May 2021, the Spain-based dairy group launched an incubator to work with start-ups developing cellular agriculture technologies in the dairy industry.

Mylkcubator is run by the company's new corporate-venture unit, Pascual Innoventures, set up to work with and invest in start-ups doing business in areas including the circular economy, personalisation and health.

Kitchens & Co-packers

Below is a list of commercial kitchens and co-packers by state, as well as a starting point for the entrepreneur to find supplies.

Co-packers manufacture and package food for other companies to sell. Co-packers can provide entrepreneurs with a variety of services in addition to manufacturing and packaging products. Commercial kitchens provide a location for small scale food entrepreneurs to safely and legally process food.

To view small co-packer and commercial kitchen information please select a state in the drop-down menu below.

If you would like your commercial kitchen or co-packing business to be included in this section please send all information to: sjl38 [at] (subject: Kitchens%20%26%20Supplies%20Resources%20List) .

Cornell University does not endorse any of these companies, nor do we keep record of their fees.

Know Your Local Food Processing Regulations

The federal government, individual states, cities and municipalities govern the operation of food processing facilities whether home kitchens or commercial facilities. Regulations differ from state to state and are determined by the type of food product being prepared and the processing methods used.

Some types of foods may not be produced in a home kitchen, as mandated by federal regulations. These foods are considered potentially hazardous: low acid and acidified foods, meat products, vacuum-packaged or other reduced-oxygen packaged products.

Many states allow non-hazardous foods such as candy, cakes not requiring refrigeration, cookies, brownies, two-crusted fruit pies, breads and rolls, fruit jams and jellies, dried spices and herbs and snack items to be produced in home kitchens. It is the producer's responsibility to contact state regulatory agencies (state department of health and/or state department of agriculture and markets) where the food is being produced for the rules governing home kitchen production. You would also want to check with your local building inspectors to determine what operations can take place in the kitchen chosen for food production.

Small co-packers & commercial kitchens by state

C & K Community Kitchen

Westport, CT
Phone: 203-226-0531
Email: candkcommunitykitchen [at]

C & K Community Kitchen in Westport, CT, has been established to support the use of Organic, Non GMO, gluten free, local products and services in the market place. It is our intention to offer affordable, certified commercial kitchen space, rented in 8 hour shifts, 7 days a week, together with mentoring, business coaching and marking support as needed. We also want to be a network for next steps of growth, in order to successfully launch Organic, Non GMO, gluten free products and services into the market place. Price is contingent on number of shifts secured per week and individual needs. The space is 400 square feet with a separate storage facility for equipment.

CLiCK Willimantic

Windham, CT
Phone: 860-786-7907
Email: candkcommunitykitchen [at]
Website: http:// candkcommunitykitchen [at] (

Our Mission: To grow the vitality of our local economy and community by offering shared use commercial kitchens to farmers and culinary entrepreneurs seeking to create food-based businesses and to improve the health of our local community by teaching gardening, culinary arts, nutrition and other food-related classes.

D&M Packing, LLC

407 Brookside Road
Waterbury, CT 06708
Contact: Yassine Debbagh
Phone: 203-591-8986
Email: yassine [at]

Private label co-packing cold-fill, dry pack, R&D, recipe development, packaging consulting, full service warehouse and fulfillment programs. D and M Packing is also a third-part audited, FDA inspected, kosher and organic certified facility.

Gourmet Products, Inc

283 Reynolds Bridge Rd
Thomaston CT 06787
Phone: 860-283-5147
Phone: 860-283-6912
80-90 gals.
Glass: acidified, hot & cold pack, vacuum pack, Mustard, sauces, relishes

Onofrio’s Ultimate Foods

35 Wheeler St.
New Haven, CT 06512,
Phone: 203-562-4827,
Sauces (chunky – smooth) 1 oz to 275 gal totes dry powders 25 cases min.

Palmieri Food Products, Inc

145 Hamilton Street
New Haven, CT 06511
Phone: 203-624-0042
Fax: 203-782-6435
Email: sales [at]
Pack products from 8 oz - 6 gal, in glass and plastic.
Hot Fill Products Packed: Pasta Sauces, Salsas, BBQ Sauces, Relishes, Dressings, Acidified, Kosher
Cold Fill: Horseradish, Cocktail Sauce

Pearl Sci-Tec Bottling

26 East St.
Ansonia CT 06401
Phone: 203-996-6426
Email: sales [at]

Pearl Sci-Tec is an FDA local short run bottler/packer licensed by CT Dept. of Consumer protection. We produce foods under the label Nini’s Foods and are also developing a line of vegan variations on traditional meat dishes. We started PSB to act as an incubator for small food startups and restaurants to have affordable resources to help build a brand and to bring more local food products to market. We can provide everything from bottles, labels, ingredients, barcoding, nutritional labeling and more. We have no minimums so we can produce as few as a couple cases keeping initial cost to a minimum.

National Foodwork Services

575 N Brush College Road
Decatur, IL 62521
Phone: 217.330.8512

Co-packing, private labeling, shared use facility

40,000 sq. ft. FDA registered facility
Consulting - recipe formulation - product design
Centralized national location. With direct access to interstate highways, national railroad system and Midwest Inland Port for exporting
PTL Bar Line
Sollich Enrober (full coverage, bottom only coverage with manual drizzle on top, bottom only coverage)
Lafer horizontal flow wrapper - with videojet capabilities (lot code, data code, UPC and QSR encodings)
Metal Detection
2 x 140 quart Hobart vertical mixers
1 x 300-lb. Colton horizontal mixer
Two Reed double rack ovens - racks up to 80 trays per cycle
Dough extruder
5 gallon steam jacketed kettle
20 gallon steam jacketed kettle
Seasonally temperature controlled environment
Many miscellaneous tools and equipment for production
Case label and labeling imprinting equipment
Allergen and allergen free processes available

One hour free consultation. Flexible minimums, flexible scope of production runs, R & D and testing available

PacMoore Innovation Lab

202 Market Street, Gridley, IL 61744
Phone: 866-610-2666
Contact: Josh Warren, Business Development Specialist
Email: jwarren [at]

The PacMoore Innovation Lab for Extrusion is home to our 57 mm pilot twin screw extrusion line. It is perfectly suited for product development, validation trials, and even small scale production of your extruded food products. PacMoore is approved to process organic, gluten-free, kosher, halal, and non-GMO products. After meeting your product development needs, we can move to full scale production at our facility in Mooresville, IN. Minimum commitment for pilot projects is at least an 8 hour production run.

Product Examples:
-Protein-fortified cereal crisps
-Crisp grains
-Cookie inclusions
-Textured vegetable proteins
-Precooked flours and starches

Example Applications:
-Nutritional and granola bar inclusions
-Cereals and granolas
-Ice cream and confectionery inclusions
-Vegetarian meat analogues
-Puffs and snacks

PacMoore Products Inc.

PacMoore Products (Corporate Headquarters)
1844 Summer Street, Hammond, IN 46320

PacMoore Process Technologies
100 PacMoore Parkway, Mooresville, IN 46158
Phone: 866-610-2666
Contact: Josh Warren, Business Development Specialist
Email: jwarren [at]

PacMoore Products is a 30-year-old privately held contract manufacturer that provides tolling and turnkey processing of dry ingredients and finished products to ingredient manufacturers, CPG, private label, and foodservice customers. PacMoore is approved to process organic, gluten-free, kosher, halal, and non-GMO products. We also have an extrusion innovation lab based in Gridley, IL that is perfectly suited for product development, validation trials, and even small scale production. Minimum commitment for pilot projects is at least an 8 hour production run.

Small scale production and product development capabilities:
Dry Blending (at our Hammond, IN facility only)
- 1 plow blender with choppers and 1 ribbon blender
- 50 – 100 lb batches

Spray Drying (at our Mooresville, IN facility only)
- 1 pilot GEO FSD 4.0 dryer
- 30 lbs/hr water evaporation
- Bi-fluid spray nozzles in various sizes

G.M. Allen

PO Box 454
Blue Hill ME 04614
Phone: 207-469-7060
Phone: 207-469-2308
Cans & Frozen: Blueberries

A.M. Look Canning Co.

HC74, Box 165
Whiting ME 04691
Phone: 207-259-3341
Cans & Glass
Beans, seafood, soups, chowders
Low acid

DennyMike's Sauces & Seasonings

15 Eisenhower Drive
Westbrook, ME 04092
Contact: Brian Walker, Director of Operations
Phone: 207-591-5084
Wheat & nut free facility co-pack dry products

Hockomock Bottling Company, Inc.

P.O. Box 180
Bremen, ME 04551
Phone: 207-529-2240
Email: suzie [at]
Contact: Suzie Barton
Minimum: 100-150 gals.
High acid foods
Cold and hot pack Dry Mixes

Pemberton’s Foods, Inc.

32 Lewiston Road Building 1B
P.O. Box 1405
Gray, ME 04039
Phone: 207-657-6446
Fax: 207-657-6453
Contact: Ben Robinson

Small, specialty foods manufacturer and co-packer specializing in working with small producers and start-up companies and responding to the needs of the producer seeking broader distribution for their products.
10,000 square foot facility produces up to 300 cases of hot-fill, shelf-stable product per day. Specializes in producing jams, jellies, grilling sauces, salsa, pasta sauce, pesto and dessert toppings. This facility has cold-fill capacity for fresh, refrigerated products. All-natural licensed as a certified organic facility.
Production consulting services include UPC procurement, test batch preparation, shelf life testing, nutritional analysis, label consulting, and recipe scaling.

Portland Shellfish Co.

110 Dartmouth St.
Portland ME 04106-6210
Phone: 207-799-9290
Phone: 207-799-7179
Refrigerated & frozen: Seafood

Stonewall Kitchens

2 Stonewall Lane
York, ME 03909
Phone: 207-351-2713
Fax: 207-351-2715
Sauces, preserves

W.S. Wells & Son

PO Box 109
Wilton ME 04294
Phone: 207-645-3393
Phone: 207-645-3393
Cans: Beans, greens

Maryland Packaging

7030 Troy Hill Drive #500
Elkridge, MD 21075
Phone: 410-540-9700
Email: info [at]

USDA certified organic, kosher, gluten-free co-packing facility. We offer:
Co-packing Product development, Food safety and quality counseling HACCP plan consulting, Distributor Support, Kosher Compliance Counseling Ingredient purchasing, Warehousing, Cold Storage, Logistics as well as HPP.

We offer commercial kitchen space as well as commercial juicing.

Angy's Food Products, Inc.

77 Servicestar Way
Westfield MA 01085-5600
Phone: 413-572-1010
Phone: 413-572-4785
Frozen: Pasta

Boxford Bakehouse

31 Center St
Middleborough, MA 02346
Email: hello [at]
Contact: Joe Cooney
A certified organic facility offering shared use kitchen services. Specializing in dry goods and baked goods. In addition, they offer recipe and process development/refinement, test batch production and analysis, shelf life testing coordination, inventory management and label/packaging design.

Cape Cod Provisions

81 Charlotte Furnace Road
Wareham, MA 02576
Phone: 506-776-0499
Email: jack [at] ">jack info [at] (

Bag and fill machine for private label candy, confectionary products and much more.

Chubby's Sauce

11 Deacon Parker Road
Bernardston, MA 01337
Phone: 413-478-2103
Fax: 413-648-0200
Email: info [at]
Acidified Foods, Thermal Process-(Hot Pack), Automated Filling Line, 4 ounce to 1 Gallon, Plastic and Glass Containers, Product Development and Consultation

CommonWealth Kitchen

196 Quincy St.
Dorchester, MA 02121
Phone: 617-522-7900
Contact: Roz Freeman
Email: info [at]
60 qt mixers, 60 gallon steam jacketed kettle, 40 gallon tilt skillet, automated filler, vacuum sealer, convection ovens, Combitherm® ovens, blast freezer, walk-in fridge, walk-in freezer, dry storage, 14k sq. ft at the Dorchester location plus 4,500 sq. ft in Jamaica Plain.

Dartmouth Grange Shared-Use Kitchen

1133 Fisher Road
Dartmouth, MA 02748
Phone: 508.636.1900
Email: beth [at]
Double-deck convection ovens, 6 burner range with two conventional ovens, 40 gallon steam-jacketed kettle, 40 gallon tilting braising pan, 40 quart stand mixer with grinder attachment, Industrial immersion blender, Industrial 4 quart food processor, Automated filling machine

Dimitria Delights, Inc

81 Creeper Hill Rd.
No. Grafton MA 01536
Phone: 508-839-3035
Phone: 508-839-1685
Frozen: Sweetbread, puff pastry dough, bakery products

Flavor First Foods, Inc.

255 Walnut Street
West Bridgewater, MA 02379
Phone: 571-237-6145
Hot pack, cold pack: sauces, soups, dressings, salsa

Hans Kissle, Co.

Barbara Brown
330 Ballardvale St
Wilmington MA 01887
Phone: 978-658-8080
Phone: 978-658-9292
3000 lbs.
Refrigerated: Cole slaw, salads

Kitchen Local, LLC

14 Cedar Street, #106
Amesbury, MA 01913
Phone: 978-204-3197
Email: lisa [at]
Kitchen Local is a 1,200 square foot, full-service commercial kitchen(s) and storage facility. There are two complete kitchen stations on-site dry, cold and frozen storage areas and a packaging area. The kitchen stations, Baking or Catering, can be rented separately or as one Full Kitchen for single use. The facility is equipped with top-of-the-line commercial equipment as well as an array of cookware and bakeware.

Catering Kitchen: 2 stainless steel work tables, portioning table, 24-quart steam kettle, 6-burner stove, double gas oven with griddle, hand sink

Baking Kitchen: 2 stainless steel work tables, stainless steel portioning table, 30-quart Hobart floor mixer, double electric convection oven, proofing oven, table-top induction range, cutting boards, hand sink

Additional Shared Equipment: walk-in refrigerator, reach-in freezer, Robot Coupe, food processor, microwave, speed racks, 3-compartment sink, utility cart, mop sink, personal lockers, cutting boards, sheet pans, assorted stock pots, sauté pans, roasting pans, mixing bowls

IQF Custom Packing, Inc.

140 Waldron Road
Fall River, MA 02720
Phone: 5 08-646-0400
Fax: 508-646-0405
Contact: Russell A. Young
Email: iqf [at]
Vegetables, fish, dry packs
Frozen, individually quick frozen, dry pack. Test runs

Plenus Group, Inc

Jennifer Jolly
101 Phoenix Ave.
Lowell MA 01852
Phone: 978-970-3823 800-992-0054
Phone: 978-970-0450
Frozen : Soups, sauces, chowders

Springfield Smoked Fish Co.

150 Switzer Ave
Springfield MA 01109
Phone: 413-737-8693
Phone: 413-747-7360
Glass, Aseptic, Frozen, Refrigerated: Seafoods, spreads and salads

Stock Pot Malden LLC

342 Pearl Street
Malden, MA 02148
Phone: 781-605-1426
Email: info [at]
7500 square foot facility servicing food trucks, food product wholesalers, and caterers. Two gas ranges (six burners each), four convection ovens, fryolator, broiler, 35- and 10-quart mixers, packaging options. All members have ample LOCKED cold storage, dry/paper storage, and consulting/incubator services available at any time from on-site culinary experts. Parking space for food trucks (sized for trucks) and high-volume wholesaler vehicles included. Comprehensive startup services included for new businesses.

UTEC Community Kitchen

35 Warren Street
Lowell, MA 01852
Phone: 978.856.3951
Email: uteckitchen [at]

5,000 square foot brand-new kitchen with 60 quart stand mixer, walk-in Revent oven, 2 separate hot cook lines, convection oven, fryer, 6 burner stove, walk-in refrigerator and freezer, secure storage, 2 sided ware washing room, street level pallet lift, and more equipment to come. Caterers, co-packers, bakers, food trucks welcome!

Western Mass Food Processing Center

Franklin County CDC
324 Wells Street
Greenfield, MA 01301
Phone: 413-774-7204 Ex. 108
Contact: John Waite
Phone: 413-774-7204, ext.110
Email: johnw [at]
Executive Director
Franklin County CDC
Phone: 413-774-7204, ext. 102
acid foods, hot-pack, cold-pack, repackaging

Worcester Regional Food Hub

Incubator kitchen
474 Boston Turnpike
Shrewsbury MA, 01545
Phone: 508-667-5792
Contact: Shon Rainford
Email: info [at]

The Worcester Regional Food Hub Kitchen provides a variety of services for start-up and existing food entrepreneurs, including food safety training, business planning, assistance through the certification process, and hourly kitchen rentals.

Food For Thought, Inc.

10704 Oviatt Rd
Honor, MI 49640
Contact: Timothy Young
Hot and cold pack glass and plastic bottling, focusing on fruit preserves, sauces (BBQ and salsa etc.), dressing and juice concentrates. Certified Organic

The Starting Block Kitchen Incubator

1535 Industrial Park Dr, PO Box 49
Hart, MI 49420
Phone: 231-873-1432
Fax: 231-873-1458
Email: tsbi4 [at]
Contact: Jane Dosemagen

Traverse Bay Farms

PO Box 1229
7053 M-88 South
Bellaire, MI 49615
Phone: 1-231-533-8788
Cell: 1-231-676-0453
Contact: Andy LaPointe
Fruit, Gourmet and Garden Salsas

Genuine Local

5 Winona Road, Bldg 2
Meredith, NH 03253
Phone: 603-279-8600

Offer a shared use production facility for food producers as well as business incubator services for startup food businesses. Also offer co-packing to customers who want that service. Work with local farms to produce value added products from crop surpluses.

Neighbor Made

52 Dunbar Street, Suite D
Keene, NH 03431
Phone: 603-338-9121
Sauces, jam, salsa, chutney, dry products, baked goods

BAO Food and Drink Organic Food Incubator, New Jersey

Phone: 973-748-0111

USDA certified organic, vegan, kosher, gluten-free commercial kitchen rental space available.
12,500 square foot facility small and medium batch organic and non-organic food 60 gallon steam kettle jacket 4 burner electric stove top 2'x4' rolling tables 3 liquid bottle fillers, pots, mixers, bowls, strainers, trays, immersion blender, cooked vegetable grinder and more equipment for packaging and labeling small batch products runs access to our loading dock additional dry and refrigerated storage space is available to rent

Further services can provide:
small batch co-packing creation of General Manufacturing Procedures Food Safety Counseling USDA Organic Compliance Counseling Distributor Support Packing Design (Organic and Non-organic) Recipe Development and Cost Consulting Kosher Compliance Counseling Co-op ingredient and packaged goods purchasing opportunities

Black River Spice & Tea, LLC

dba: Black River Spice & Tea Co.
Phone: (908) 236-6700
Email: info [at]
Contact: Peter Nirchio

Physical Address:
65 Welsh Road
Lebanon, NJ 08833

Mailing Address:
PO Box 365
Oldwick, NJ 08858

Black River Spice & Tea is a fully licensed manufacturer and co-manufacturer of dried foodstuffs including spices, herbs, seasonings, barbecue rubs, custom seasoning blends and loose tea blends. Our company can co-package dried foodstuffs into glass and plastic jars, paragon and oblong bottles, oblong jugs, foil bags & pouches and in metal tins of various shapes and sizes.

Cherry Street Kitchen

1040 Pennsylvania Ave
Trenton, NJ 08638
Phone: 609-695-5800
Licensed commercial kitchen for rent divided into 4 separate work areas (2 full kitchens, prep kitchen, and baking area) with air conditioning and LED lighting. Open 24/7. Dry and refrigerated storage available as well as office space for expanding food business.

Garden State Kitchen

406 Tompkins Street
Orange, NJ 07050
Phone: 201-850-3690
Email: kris [at]

Garden State Kitchen is a fully licensed commercial kitchen space that provides an ecosystem of support services for culinary entrepreneurs. At Garden State Kitchen you can rent kitchen space by the hour, store dry/cold/frozen goods, host an event or cooking class, and so much more. Use us as a home base for your food-based business.

Equipment capabilities and space

  • 2 Catering Kitchens
    • Each include: 6 burner stone, convection oven, conventional gas oven, griddle, char broiler, fryer, refrigerator, prep tables, sink
    • $30/hr (membership packages with lower hourly rates available)
    • Includes: Convection oven, 30 quart mixer, refrigerator, prep table, sink
    • $25/hour (membership packages with lower hourly rates available)
    • Includes: Prep table, sink, microwave, refrigeration
    • $15/hour (membership packages with lower hourly rates available

    Hudson Kitchen

    9 Basin Drive, Suite 150
    Kearny, NJ 07032
    Phone: 862-231-6484
    Email: hello [at]

    Hudson Kitchen is a 24/7 food incubator that builds community and fosters growth for budding and established entrepreneurs because we know food means business and business drives transformation.

    Our 8,000 square foot, fully-equipped, licensed facility boasts a shared kitchen, tons of storage space including a 900 square foot walk-in, as well as coworking and event spaces, multi-bay loading dock, and dedicated food truck parking. We also provide our community with mentorship, networking events, workshops, and training through our Food Business Bootcamp.

    Easily accessible from anywhere within the New York metropolitan area, Hudson Kitchen is less than 5 miles to Jersey City, Newark, Hoboken, and the New Jersey Turnpike, and Lincoln/Holland Tunnels.

    IAM International, Inc.

    4 Saddle Ridge Dr
    Lebanon, NJ 08833
    Phone: 908-713-9651
    Fax: 908-713-9751
    Email: info [at]
    Contact: Neera Tulshian
    Sauces, condiments, bakery

    International Spice

    310 Ward Ave., Suite 8
    Bordentown, NJ 08505
    Phone: 609-298-1199
    packaging and private labeling of custom dry spice blends

    JGS Beverage Group, Inc. & Tarantino Food Group

    246 N. Willow St
    Trenton, NJ 08618
    Phone: 347-408-4446
    Email: grace [at]

    JGS Beverage Group, Inc. and Chef Rick of "Tarantino Food Group" work in conjunction to provide clients (big brands and start-ups) with the tools necessary to take their project from concept to reality. TFG owns and operates a fully equipped and licensed USDA kitchen in Trenton, NJ capable of small runs, including meat and dairy products. In addition, we can provide ongoing manufacturing and consultation help, dependent upon the scope of the project. Together with JGS Bev, our facility works to help guide you through the process of formulation, stabilization and production.

    Le Gourmet Factory

    176 South Van Brunt Street
    Englewood, NJ 07631
    Contact: Nicholas Prastos
    Telephone: 201-503-4006
    Email: info [at]

    Entrepreneurs, Caterers, Bakers, Food Trucks, Packaged Foods, Online Business, Food Consulting

    Le Gourmet Factory is a fully equipped, licensed commercial kitchen for hourly or daily rent - 24/7. Whether you're starting a food business or restaurant, LGF can help in launching and growing your business, nutrition facts, menu creation, concept building and testing, marketing, website creation and more!

    MetaBrand LLC

    25 Progress St
    Edison, NJ 08820
    Phone: (732) 983-5915

    Hot Fill (batch pasteurization) & Cold fill PET & Glass (CT caps) capabilities. Shrink & Pressure sensitive label application. 12-pack tray with shrink wrap / carton pack out.

    12oz Sleek Can, 12oz Standard Can, 10.5oz Can 4-head carbonated line with 20bbl capacity.

    TTB / DSP approval for manufacturing Spirits, Wine, Malt based beverages

    Full formulation services and production management available. FDA, QAI Organic (pending), Kosher facility.

    Rutgers Food Innovation Center

    450 East Broad Street (Also known as Route 49)
    Bridgeton, NJ 08302
    Phone: (856) 459-1900
    Product design, development, analysis, commercialization, manufacture
    Retail and food service

    Snow's/Bumble Bee Foods, LLC

    994 Ocean Drive
    Cape May, NJ 08204
    Contact: Jim Hoover
    Phone: 609-884-0440 ext. 2408
    Email: jim.hoover [at]

    Products: Shelf-stable cans and bottles in a variety of container sizes. High speed retort, labeling, packaging. SQF III, USDA, FDA certification. See brochure at above website.

    Apple Of My Eye, LLC

    Harrison Place
    Lockport, NY
    Phone: 716-310-3195
    Email: appleofmyeye178 [at]

    Licensed commercial kitchen through US Agriculture & Markets (Article 20-c)
    440 square feet of shared kitchen space and/or private space available for culinary workshops and classes. Cold & dry storage, induction cooktops, convection oven, food processor, stainless steel prep tables, 3 bay stainless steel sink, hand & mop sinks
    Renters must carry their own business insurance. Contact us with your needs and we’ll forward an application and schedule a tour of our facility.
    More services, equipment, and amenities scheduled to be added after Jan 2018
    24-hour access/gated secure parking

    Asphalt Green, Battery Park City Culinary Center

    Asphalt Green, BPC
    212 North End Ave
    New York, NY 10282
    Email: Rentals [at]
    Phone: 646-981-2321

    NYS certified commercial kitchen available for rent. Approx. 524 sq ft. Fully-equipped restaurant-quality kitchen perfect for dinner parties, cooking classes, food photography, caterers, team building events and more.

    The facility is equipped with:
    (2) Vulcan 6-burner stove tops, (1) Vulcan double deck convection oven, (1) heated holding cabinet, microwave, (3) stainless steel food prep counters, (3) moveable 7’x3’ stainless steel prep tables, (13) metal mesh chairs, (1) 12-qt. planetary mixer, (3) food processors, commercial mixers, blenders, walk-in cooler, standing freezer, standing fridge, kitchen utensils, cutting boards, pots and pans, and more.
    (2) Hand washing stations, (1) two-compartment food prep sink, (1) two-compartment dish washing sink, industrial commercial dishwasher.
    Services offered: Garbage services provided.

    BAO Food and Drink Organic Food Incubator

    23-23 Borden Avenue
    Long Island City, NY 11101
    Phone: 718-391-0009
    Contact: Pete Herman

    USDA certified organic, vegan, kosher, gluten-free commercial kitchen rental space available.
    12,500 square foot facility small and medium batch organic and non-organic food 60 gallon steam kettle jacket 4 burner electric stove top 2'x4' rolling tables 3 liquid bottle fillers, pots, mixers, bowls, strainers, trays, immersion blender, cooked vegetable grinder and more equipment for packaging and labeling small batch products runs access to our loading dock additional dry and refrigerated storage space is available to rent

    Further services can provide:
    small batch co-packing, creation of General Manufacturing Procedures, Food Safety Counseling, USDA Organic Compliance Counseling, Distributor Support, Packing Design (Organic and Non-organic), Recipe Development and Cost Consulting, Kosher Compliance Counseling, Co-op ingredient and packaged goods purchasing opportunities

    Battenkill Kitchen

    PO Box 784
    58 E Broadway
    Salem, NY 12865
    President: Will Lennon
    Phone: 518-854-3032
    Shared-use Commercial Kitchen

    Six Burner Gas Range, Convection Oven, Two Gas Fired Baking Ovens, 40 gallon Steam Kettle, Walk-In Cooler - 640 square foot, High Temperature Dishwasher, 40 quart Stand Mixer, Digital Scale, Commercial Food Processor

    Cook & Bake Center

    360 C Mount Pleasant Av
    Mamaroneck, NY 10543
    Phone: 914-698-3663
    E-mail: info [at]

    Cooking equipment, Full size Convection ovens, Gas range with 10 burners, Industrial Mixer, Walk in 8X8 feet Freezer, Cooler, Slicer, Dough sheeter, Mixers, blenders, Kitchen utensils, Pastry equipment, Electric Range, Ice maker, Working Benches

    Damin Farms

    8075 State Highway 5
    St. Johnsville, NY 13452
    Phone: 518-568-2643
    Email: daminfarm [at]

    The facility is equipped with a 6 burner propane commercial range with hood vent, many pots and pans, 3 bay sink, over-head lighting, and refrigerator space. Counters and sinks are stainless steel. Rental is available now for $12.50 an hour. Renter is responsible for washing all equipment used and clean up.

    Dessert Solutions

    131 Linden Avenue
    Westbury, NY 11590
    Phone: 516-333-4133
    Email: mydessertsolutions [at]

    Approximately 2,000 square feet of commercial kitchen space available for rent/share. This is a licensed and inspected wholesale bakery kitchen. The space is ideal for a multitude of foodservice applications including commercial catering. From cupcakes to wedding cakes, this space is the perfect venue for a small business start-up or any commercial food production application. Rental fee will be charged at an hourly rate. Prospective renter must be incorporated and carry their own business insurance. Serious inquires only please. Some equipment includes: 20 qt. mixer, 140 qt. mixer, 24 tray revolving oven, 6 burner gas stove top, candy stove, reversible dough sheeter, walk-in freezer, and walk-in refrigerator.

    Catskills Kitchen The Entrepreneurial & Teaching Kitchen, Cornell Cooperative Extension Sullivan County

    64 Ferndale-Loomis Road
    Liberty, NY 12754
    Phone: 845-292-6180
    Fax: 845-292-4946
    Email: eatkitchensullivan [at]
    A 900 foot shared-use and teaching kitchen serving farmers, restaurateurs, bakers, caterers and other specialty food entrepreneurs in the Catskill/Hudson Region. Easy access and ample parking at the rear of the building.

    Equipment: 6-burner Wolf commercial gas cook-top teaching and demonstration island 2 Moffat electric convection ovens with steam injection Panasonic Sonic Commercial steamer 20 gallon electric steam kettle 20 quart Globe stand mixer Commercial Continental freezer and refrigerator with outside temperature control and slide in tray features Stainless steel movable prep tables 3 bay stainless steel sink commercial dishwasher 20 cubic chest freezer commercial vacuum packer basic tools and utensils cleaning supplies, disposable gloves and hair nets

    Cornell Cooperative Extension can also assist with: cooking and food handling classes, labeling and packaging requirements, licensing and product development, business planning and market.

    Dolce Amore

    146 Albany Avenue
    Lindenhurst, NY11757

    Phone: 718-246-5414
    Fax: 631-957-0392
    Contact: Marcello Arpaia
    Email: marcello [at] ( ) marcello [at] "-->

    Dolce Amore is a manufacturer of filled pasta, flat pasta, gelato, sorbet, tartufo and prepared meal kits in New York. Dolce Amore uses an IQF freezing method for its filled pasta and prepared meal kits.

    We co-pack all kinds of ravioli, fillings and shapes, ice cream, gelato and tartufo with different flavors and packaging, prepared meals with pasta shapes and sauces of your choice.

    We are a HACCP approved facility with a 3rd party certification.

    Entrepreneur Space Kitchen Incubator, LLC

    36-46 37th Street
    Long Island City NY 11101-1606
    Phone: 718-392-0025
    Email: info.entrepreneurspace [at]

    The commercial kitchen is divided into four sections and is available 24/7 on a shift basis. Clients have access to an incredible, well-equipped kitchen facility where you can create and grow your business without the burden of high start-up production costs.
    Kitchen clients have access to free one-on-one business counseling and a Client Assistant for 2 hours per shift. The Client Assistant is there to assist on various tasks as needed from food prep to dish cleaning and can instruct in the use of all professional equipment.

    The kitchen space includes the follow common use equipment: commercial mixers (20 quarts to 80 quarts), proofer, hearth oven, dough divider/rounder, sheeter, robot coupe (6 quart), immersion blender, excellent variety of small wares and pans

    Kitchen A
    6-burner stove, grill, double convection oven with 8 racks, 3 stainless steel tables 40-gallon tilt skillet.

    Kitchen B or C
    Revolving rack oven capable of handling 30 full-sized sheet pans at one time.
    1 butcher block table, 2 stainless steel tables

    Kitchen D
    Separate room, temperature controlled for chocolatiers or gluten free production. 30 lb. & 50 lb. chocolate melter/temperer double convection oven 8 racks 3 stainless steel tables.

    Pricing Kitchen Rental
    The kitchen is open 24/7 and is available by the shift as follows:
    *$235 per day shift (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
    *$210 per night shift (4:30 p.m. to 12:30 p.m.)
    *$165 for overnight shift (1 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.)
    The fee includes carting (garbage pick-up), cleaning supplies and chemicals and the assistance of a part-time Client Associate (CA) for two hours (see above explanation).

    Storage Rental
    Freezer, cold storage and dry storage (Pricing varies by size $25-$200)

    Packaging room
    For dry packaging of finished goods. No cooking allowed.
    Pricing Packaging room
    $60 per shift (8:30am-12:30pm 1pm-5pm: M-F/ Sat 9:30-1:30)
    $45 per shift (5:30pm-8:30pm M-F/Sat 2pm-5pm)

    Go Veggies, Inc

    1290 Sheridan Drive
    Tonawanda, NY
    Phone: 716-908-2778
    Email: goveggies [at]

    commercial ovens, freezers, refrigeration, food processors, mixers 30 qt., and dry storage. Shrink wrapping, nutrition labels and strictly vegetarian food processing.
    Licensed by Agriculture and Marketing (20-C License)

    Hana Kitchens

    34 35th Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11232
    Phone: 718-369-7594

    At Hana Kitchens, we offer 11 commercial kitchen spaces for rent starting at $120/shift to start up entrepreneurs in the food industry. Our tenants are today's food trend setters! They are young and vibrant and do not sleep and that is why there is 24/7 access and the night shifts at Hana Kitchens are the busiest. There is never a time when someone is not working on their cookbook or is not being featured in a magazine or the food section of a newspaper. With over a hundred years of combined experience, our team of chefs offers the technical support and business savvy that is vital for a start up business to succeed. Contact us to discuss your needs and arrange a kitchen viewing. Hana Kitchens offers 12,000 square feet of space divided into 11 kitchens, including USDA and Kosher facilities. All kitchens are fully licensed and NYS certified. All kitchens are fully air conditioned and we also provide kitchens that are humidity controlled for chocolate and candy production. We provide 24/7 access with 3 8-hour shifts daily: am, pm and midnight with rental rates starting at $120/shift.

    Available equipment includes - but not limited to:
    Convection ovens, Steam injected bread ovens, 2 30qt mixers, 4 80qt mixers, VCM, Uni-filler and Rheon depositing systems, Braisers, Steam kettle, Induction stoves, Rondo dough sheeters, Bread and meat slicers, Automatic dish and pan washers, 1000+ flexmats and rapid molds, Thermo-formed and corrugated packaging, Shrink wrap machines

    Services included are:
    Limited dry storage, Use of walk-in refrigerator and freezer, Maintenance and deep cleaning of kitchen and public spaces, Garbage removal, Laundering of Hana's side towels and aprons, Heat/water/electricity, Delivery service

    Hometown Foods, LLC

    362 Eichybush Rd
    Kinderhook, NY 12106
    Owner: Anna Dawson
    Phone: 518-758-7342
    Fax: 518-758-8452

    11 gas burners, 2 tray freezers, dishwasher, vacuum packer, nutrition labels

    Hot Bread Kitchen

    1590 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10029
    Phone: 212-369-3331
    Email: Incubator [at]

    2,300 square ft. shared-use commercial kitchen offers flexible spaces 3 fully-equipped private prep kitchens, with counter space and induction burners 1 temperature-controlled room, good for chocolate or confections 3 banks of specialized equipment with convection ovens, fryers, tilting skillets, 6-burner ranges and grill dry, refrigerated and freezer storage access to a commercial dishwasher, coffee station, ice machine and water classroom space with a board table for 12, a white board and a flat-screen TV-ideal for client and staff meetings

    Jennifer’s Kitchen

    159 Lexington Avenue
    Mt. Kisco, NY 10549
    Contact: Rich Sheridan
    Phone: 914-384-2825

    Storage facilities available.

    Kitchen Confidential

    91 A Florida Street
    Farmingdale, NY 11735
    Phone: 516-502-5927
    Email: josephanthony314 [at]

    Hours: Monday thru Thursday 6:30 pm to 2:30 am (8 hours) $180/shift
    Friday thru Sunday 4:30 pm to 12:30 am (8 hours) $180/shift
    Friday thru Sunday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (8 hours) $220/shift
    Sunday thru Saturday 3:00 am to 8:00 am (5 hours) $120/shift
    Price includes all utilities, carting, cleaning supplies and chemicals and the help of the kitchen assistance for 2 hours/shift

    NYS certified commercial kitchen (licensed and inspected) available for rent to any/all food companies, food manufacturers, food entrepreneurs, chefs, caterers, etc. A 1,000 sq.ft. kitchen divided into 4 separate work areas with many pieces of specialty equipment that provides culinary entrepreneurs with affordable turn-key solutions to accelerate their business growth. This space is the perfect venue for any commercial food production company. Rental fee will be charged at an hourly rate. Prospective renter must carry their own business insurance. The kitchen is open 24/7. There is a pool of workers, prep cooks, dishwashers, and also graduates from the Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts Job Training Programs run by the facility available for hire by the tenants. USDA Certified Organic, Gluten-Free Commercial Kitchen Rental Space Available.

    The rental space includes the following but not limited to: convection ovens, braisers, steam kettle, flexmats, rapid molds, 12-burner stove, grill, over 24 ft of table space, spiral mixers, robot coupe, sheeter, sous vide, immersion blender, pots and pans, cleaning supplies, microwave, digital scale, dry and wet storage space available.

    Dry and refrigerated storage facilities are available for rent prices range from $25 to $140 per month depending on the location and size.

    Further services provided by Kitchen Confidential include small batch co-packing, creation of general manufacturing procedures, food safety counseling, USDA organic compliance counseling, distributor support, packing design, recipe development and cost consulting, kosher compliance, co-op ingredient and packaged goods purchasing opportunities.

    Kitchen Co-op

    213 Broadway
    Amityville, NY 11701
    Phone: 631-397-0197
    Email: cparagallo [at]

    2 Kitchens Available Featuring:
    2 convection ovens, Viking 6 burner gas stove with convection oven, 20 qt. mixer, 10 qt. mixer, 6 qt. mixer, Butcher-block table, Stainless steel tables, Immersion blender, Food processor, Induction burners, Chocolate tempering machine, Walk in refrigerator box, Pots and pans, Cleaning supplies, Dry and wet storage space available, Microwave, Digital scale, 2 bun pan racks

    Monthly Rental Program or Per Shift Rentals
    24/7 - 4 hour shifts available

    Nelson Farms

    3261 US Route 20
    Cazenovia, NY 13035

    Nutrition Labeling, Private Labeling and Product Development
    Contact: Amanda Hewitt: hewittA [at]

    Shared-Use Kitchen
    Contact: Margie Wilcox: wilcoxM [at]

    Nilda's Desserts

    188 Washington Street
    (Lower level - north side of building)
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-3317
    Phone: 845-454-5876
    Fax: 845-849-0446
    Email: nildasdesserts [at]
    Contact: Jason Tritto

    Shared use kitchen, co-packing, catering use and private labeling - over 25 years' experience in food production.
    NYS Agriculture and Markets 20-C food processing license
    FDA registered facility
    Consulting - recipe formulation - product design
    6000 sq. ft. facility
    20/80/140 vertical mixers and tumbler
    Double rack oven - racks up to 60 trays per cycle
    Horizontal flow wrapper - with registration and date encoding
    Dough extruder and droppers
    All season's temperature controlled environment
    Many miscellaneous tools and equipment for production
    Case label and labeling imprinting equipment
    GF, Kosher and nut-free processes available
    UPC's and nutritional analysis available

    NYC Commercial Kitchens

    Phone: 516-698-7087
    Email: info [at]
    NYC Commercial Kitchens is a Brand new network of commercial kitchens based in the Tri-State Area for food service professionals and small business owners to operate or start their businesses. These kitchens are shared-use facilities that give prospective business owners the use of commercial kitchens in order to produce food without the massive overhead that comes with the cost of owning and operating a commercial kitchen.

    NYC Commercial Kitchens are available for rent by the shift and are open 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, giving our rental partners several options of hours available.

    NYC Commercial Kitchen also provides facilities for kosher food professionals. Our Kosher kitchens utilize the latest in commercial food technology. Overseen by KOF-K Kosher Supervision, we make it possible for entrepreneurs to prepare food for kosher consumers in a reliable, certified space for mass production.

    Our 20,000 square feet of cooking and food storage space is available for entrepreneurial chefs, bakers, prepared food packagers, culinary classes, and food stylists. NYC Commercial Kitchen is also an excellent choice for professional culinary photo shoots, recipe demonstrations, as well as film and television sets.

    Dry storage & refrigeration is available for rent.

    Philmont Cooperative

    Phone: 518-672-7673

    116 Main St.
    Philmont, NY 12565

    Philmont Cooperative is a 20C Commercial Kitchen & Retail Market for independent processors that specializes is prototyping, start-up and incubation.

    Equipment capabilities and space:

    • 1200 sq ft Article 20C NYS Ag & Markets licensed kitchen and retail market space
    • Vulcan 60SS–10B Endurance Restaurant 10-burner range, gas, 30,000 BTU burners, and 2 ovens
    • Commercial pot filler located to service range
    • Garland/US Range SunFire Convection Oven, gas, double-deck
    • Metro C539–CFC–U3 Series Heated Holding & Proofing Cabinet with adjustable racks
    • Globe SP40 Planetary Mixer, floor model, 40 qt. 304 stainless steel bowl, #12attachment hub
    • Commercial bakers’ speed rack
    • Custom built 21 ft run of stainless steel prep tables with roll-in bin capacity, and 12-counter seating for cooking classes
    • 3-bay stainless steel sink 10’ with drainage boards
    • 2-bay stainless steel sink with drainage boards
    • Type I and Type 2 commercial wall canopy stainless steel hoods, exhausts, and makeup air
    • State of the art fire suppressant hood computerized senor assembly
    • 300 gallon grease trap installed outside kitchen
    • Kool-It one door display kitchen fridge
    • Kool-It double door display freezer
    • 24/7 access

    Quaker Bonnet Bakery

    69 Chenango Street
    Buffalo, NY 14213
    Phone: 716-622-7992
    Email: jerry.augugliaro [at]
    Contact: Jerry Augugliaro

    Full Walk in Cooler, Freezer, and Proofer 4 Hobart Mixers 30, 80, and 1490 quart 4 convection ovens 2 large kitchen areas 400 baking trays 2 platform baking ovens $20 per hour, but would prefer month year round customers

    Saratoga Garlic

    PO Box 312
    Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
    Phone: 518-581-4093
    Fax: 518-581-7255
    Email: info [at]

    We are 220 sq. ft small-scale production kitchen ideal for canning, sauces, dried goods, pickling, etc (just not baking). Our equipment includes a 4 burner gas stove, 3 bay sanitizing sink, handwash station, digital scale, 10 gal hopper/jar filler (for liquids) and an immersion blender.

    South Fork Kitchens

    Southampton Campus of Stony Brook University
    39 Montauk Highway
    Southampton, NY 11968
    Email: //kitchen [at] /"> kitchen [at]

    South Fork Kitchens (SFK) is East End Food Institute's shared commercial kitchen and incubator for food entrepreneurs. It is located on the Southampton Campus of Stony Brook University. The SFK kitchen is a fully equipped and fully licensed commercial kitchen available to qualified users. It has nearly 3,000 square feet of cooking and prep space and includes a large walk-in refrigerator, a freezer, a dry storage area, and a loading dock. It also contains the following equipment:

    • Dough Sheeter
    • 4 Convection Ovens
    • 2 Hobart Mixer
    • Tilt Skillet
    • Steam Kettle

    The kitchen is available for rent around-the clock for a minimum of one hour blocks, with the option of signing up for discounted time based plans. Up to four users may occupy the kitchen at the same time.

    To qualify as a user, you must join EEFI as a member, have a food manager's certificate, and all licenses and insurance appropriate to your business. You will also be subject to a background check.

    Skinny Buddha Organic Kitchen

    159 Lexington Avenue
    Mt. Kisco, NY 10549
    Phone: 914-358-1666
    Email: info [at]

    We offer an Organic Commercial Kitchen with a six burner gas range, double convection over, electric Vulcan oven, rolling racks with sheet pans, triple sink, hand washing sink, walk-in cooler, freezer, 20 quart stand mixer, kitchen aid stand mixer, digital scale, commercial food processor, vitamix, juicer, dehydrator, immersion blender, and many other small appliances.

    Stony Brook University Business Incubator at Calverton & Agriculture Consumer Science Center (ACSC)

    4603 Middle Country Road
    Calverton, NY 11933
    Phone: 631-727-4631
    The Stony Brook University Business Incubator at Calverton & ACSC are economic tools designed to foster growth and success of entrepreneurial companies providing them with facilities and resources that will enable them to grow and leave the program a financially viable and sustainable business operation. Resources include counseling with Stony Brook University Small Business Development Center NY State Certified Advisors. Access to the facility is 24/7. It is a fully equipped commercial kitchen with over 3000 square feet of cooking space for qualified applicants which includes a Gluten Free Kitchen, a Baking Kitchen and two Hot Process Lines. Our fees are $25.00 per hour with a four hour shift minimum plus a $25.00 per reservation cleaning fee. Applications are available on our website.

    Common use equipment for all kitchens:
    State of the art 2 rack Blast Freezer and 2 rack Blast Chiller, 2 walk in refrigerators, walk in freezer, 3 compartment sink, vegetable sink, loading dock, commercial pot washer, air compression hoses, disposable hair nets and gloves. Limited dry storage in 50 cubic foot security cages available to rent.

    Gluten Free Kitchen:
    6 burner heavy duty range/griddle/oven, double convection oven, 20 quart commercial mixer, small 3 compartment sink, small one compartment sink, and three stainless steel tables.

    Baking Area:
    2 double rack rotating ovens, double convection oven, 60 quart floor mixer, dough divider/roll maker, dough sheeter, 2 butcher block cutting tables, and 2 stainless steel tables.

    Hot Process 1:
    40 gallon tilting kettle, 40 Gallon tilting braising pan, 6 burner heavy duty range and oven, double convection oven, 2 convection steamer units, and three stainless steel tables.

    Hot Process 2:
    40 gallon tilting kettle, 40 Gallon tilting braising pan, 6 burner heavy duty range and oven, 2 convection steamer units, and three stainless steel tables.

    Varna Community Center

    Varna Community Association, Inc.
    Located at:
    943 Dryden Rd (NY Rte 366)
    Dryden NY 13053
    Mailing address:
    PO Box 4771
    Ithaca NY 14852-4771
    607-272-2658 (leave a message)
    Rental coordinator: Janet Morgan
    Phone: 607-256-1617
    Email: vca1948 [at]

    Double convection oven, walk-in cooler and freezer, dishwasher, dry
    storage space

    Urban Horizons Kitchen

    Shared-Use, Commercial Kitchen
    Kitchen Manager
    Whedco. Urban Horizons
    50 E 168th street
    Bronx, Ny 10452
    Phone: 718-839-1198
    Cell: 917-498-3472
    Fax: 718-732-2685
    Email: mgotay [at]
    Contact: Marcus Gotay

    Accord Foods, Inc.

    961 Lyell Ave., Bldg. 4
    Rochester, NY 14606
    Phone: 585-436-3668
    Fax: 585-436-1737
    Contact: Wyman Chor

    Acid, acidified and water activity controlled sauce

    Assured Edge Solutions

    Daniel Rao
    Office: 1140 Crosspointe Lane, Suite 4, Webster NY 14580
    Factory: 500 Technology Farm Drive, Geneva NY 14456
    Phone: 585-545-4372 x 101
    Email: info [at]

    Custom Fruit and Vegetable Processing: Dicing, Chopping, Dehydration (Drying), Milling into Powders/Flakes, Metal Detection, Date/Lot Stamp, Sealing, Co-Packing into Bulk or Retail packs

    Co-Packing: Stand Up Pouches, Jars, Bulk Bags, Super Sacs. Does not bottle liquids

    We are located on the Cornell Agriculture and Food Technology Park, known as the Technology Farm, which is part of a 72-acre research park located adjacent to the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. We are part of a community designed to foster the creation of innovative technologies related to food and agriculture. In this environment, startup companies, small businesses, and large multinational companies can leverage the resources and intellectual capital available at Cornell University, the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, and other regional centers of expertise.

    SQF Level 2 Certified, Organic Certified, Allergen Free

    Beth's Farm Kitchen

    PO Box 113
    Stuyvesant Falls, NY 12174
    Phone: 518-799-3414
    Fax: 518-799-2042
    Phone: 1-800-331-5267
    Email: bfk [at]

    Brooks' Bottling Co., LLC

    5560 State Highway 7
    Oneonta, NY 13820
    Phone: 607-432-1782

    Acid, acidified, and water activity controlled sauces

    Bronx River Bottling LLC

    2-18 Ford Products Rd.
    Valley Cottage, NY 10989
    Phone: 845-875-4300
    Email: eric [at]

    Casa Visco Finer Foods

    819 Kings Rd.
    Schenectady, NY 12303
    Contact: Joseph Viscusi
    Phone: 518-377-8814
    Fax: 518-377-8269 Fax

    Glass: orange sections, tomato products, mushrooms, onions

    Chef Argent Foods, Inc.

    215 N. MacQuesten Pkwy.
    Mt. Vernon, NY 10550
    Contact: Felix Endico, Pres
    Phone: 914-699-1320
    Fax: 914-699-1372

    Plastic Jars: dressing, horseradish, mustard, spreads, salad oil, sauces, vinegar

    Direct Refreshments LLC

    180 Central Park South, Suite 110
    New York, NY 10019
    Contact: Michael Puntillo
    Phone: 212-243-1008

    Direct Refreshments private labels fruit juice, tea, coconut water, energy drinks, flavored water, cold brew coffee, spirits, and wine products. Our manufacturing capabilities include glass, PET, Tetra Pak, and pouches. Please visit our website to see more details on packaging configurations.

    EastCoast CoPacking

    68 33rd street
    BK, NY 11232
    Contact: Paul Baudier
    Phone: 347-662-2900
    Email: info [at]

    Certifications and Qualifications: Gluten Free (GF), Kosher Parve (OK Kosher), Organic Certification (NOFA NY), Non-GMO Project Verified, and SQF level 2.

    In the heart of Brooklyn, ECCP offers high capacity dry pouch filling for products with consistency similar to granola, grains, nuts. Equipped with a walk in dehydration room set up for granolas, kale chips, dried fruit, and anything else that can be dehydrated (no meat/dairy). Low to high capacity beverages including smoothies, cold pressed juice, natural beverages, cold brew coffee, sauces, dressings, dips, hummus in bottles and pouches that require HPP. Milling and sifting capabilities. ECCP is a no glass facility with an MOQ of approximately 1000 units.

    The Farm Bridge

    750 Enterprise Drive
    Kingston, NY 12401
    Phone: 845-383-1761

    Shelf stable products, frozen products, sauces, pickled items, USDA, Institutional size packaging

    Farmers Kitchen LLC

    309-1 East Main Street
    Riverhead, NY 11901
    Mailing address: PO Box 1386, Jamesport, NY 11947
    Phone: 631-727-7044 631-987-2999
    Email: emilie [at]

    We are a certified production kitchen located at the heart of the twin forks on the east end of long island. We preserve the local harvest. We pickle vegetables, infuse oils and vinegars with our herbs, make soups, pestos, and anything else that can be jarred. We also have the capability to pour cold or hot products and label for customers. Our talented chefs can create a recipe for your business or duplicate one that you may already have. Please feel free to contact me anytime for a visit or quote.

    Giovanni Food Co., Inc.

    6050 Court St. Rd.
    Syracuse, NY 13206
    Phone: 315-457-2373
    Email: sales [at]

    Primarily tomato based sauces Kosher, organic, gluten free

    Glen Copack

    c/o The Arc of Schuyler
    203 12th St.
    Watkins Glen, NY 14891
    Phone: 607-535-3549

    Glen Copack provides complete custom food manufacturing solutions for food entrepreneurs and startup companies working to bring their product to market. Our exceptional industry knowledge, commitment to quality, and premier fulfillment services make us a trusted business partner. We specialize in bottling acidified and low-acidified hot and cold foods as well as dry fill food packaging and labeling. Our kitchen and production areas are registered with the Federal Food and Drug Administration and licensed for food processing with the NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets.

    Gold Pure Food Products Co., Inc.

    1 Brooklyn Rd.
    Hempstead, NY 11550
    Phone: 516-483-5600
    Fax: 516-483-5798
    Contact: Steven Gold

    Glass/ Plastic: Horseradish, mustards, sauces

    Imperial Co-Packing Espuna (Pata Legra LLC)

    20 Harrison Street
    Gloversville, NY 12078
    Contact: Esteve Espuna
    Phone: 518-775-1742
    Email: info [at]

    Products: – Spanish, Italian and French dry cured salami manufacturer. Our minimum batch is 800 lb (fresh) and maximum is around 20.000 lb (fresh). This is for a single batch/product.

    JDM Specialty Foods

    Contact: Joe Mullaney
    Phone: 607-732-1425
    Email: joe [at] ([email protected]) jdmspecialityfoods [at] (

    Co-Packer of low acid and acidified foods including pasta sauce, bbq sauce, wing sauce, condiments, salsa, salad dressing
    Licensed and inspected by FDA,USDA, NYS Agriculture and Markets
    Third party audited Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) level 2

    Jet’s LeFrois Foods Corp.

    56 High Street
    Brockport, NY 14420
    Contact: Duncan Tsay
    Phone: 585-637-5003
    Fax: 585-637-2855

    Glass, Plastic, Jars: sauce, vinegar, BBQ sauces

    Kaltec Food & Packaging

    36-40 Center Street
    Port Jervis, NY 12770
    Phone: 845-856-9888
    Fax: 845-856-1210

    Full line of bake goods. Hot and cold fill sauces.

    Lanovara Specialty Foods Contract Services LLC

    208 Mushroom Blvd
    Rochester, NY 14623
    Phone: 585-475-0550
    Contact: Robert Salisbury

    Co-packer of low acid and acidified foods including pasta sauces, BBQ sauces, wing sauces, pickled vegetables and similar products. Hot fill and cold fill products. We are not a USDA facility.

    Inspected by FDA, NY Agriculture and Markets, third party food safety inspected. Lanovara Specialty Foods, an affiliated commercial bakery and specialty food distribution company was founded in 1920. The co-packing operation was commenced operations in 2010.

    Kettles sizes ranging from 200 gallons to 5 gallon test batch equipment. Automated filling and labeling machinery. We package in sizes between 5oz bottles to gallon jugs. Average production runs are 50 cases to 250 cases.

    Maco PKG

    412 VanBuren Street
    Newark, NY 14513
    Phone: 315-226-1028
    Contact: Theresa Hinckley
    Email: theresa.hinckley [at]

    We are a custom manufacturer of packaging and provider of packaging solutions. We are a multi-faceted operation focused on flexible pouch converting, co-packing, co-manufacturing and food processing

    Martin Bulk Foods & Homemade Products

    4898 John Green Rd.
    Dundee, NY 14837
    Phone: 607-243-8197
    Contact: Eli Martin

    Glass: Acidified, fruits, vegetables, sauces

    New Hope Mills Inc.

    181 York Street
    Auburn, NY 13021
    Phone: 315-252-2676
    Fax: 315-282-0720
    Contact: David Murray, ext. 242

    Certifications and Qualifications: Kosher, Organic Certification, and SQF level 2
    New Hope Mills is a 190 year old company that manufactures proprietary products, co-packs and manufactures private label products. All of our products are dry mixes in an assortment of sizes and container types. We have R&D capabilities and a food scientist on staff to assist in product formulation and or formula modifications. New Hope Mills has been making memories around the table since 1823 .

    Nilda's Desserts

    188 Washington Street
    (Lower level - north side of building)
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-3317
    Phone: 845-454-5876
    Fax: 845-849-0446
    Email: nildasdesserts [at]
    Contact: Jason Tritto

    Co-packing and private label production - over 25 years' experience in food production.
    NYS Agriculture and Markets 20-C food processing license
    FDA registered facility
    Consulting - recipe formulation - product design
    6000 sq. ft. facility
    20/80/140 vertical mixers and tumbler
    Double rack oven - racks up to 60 trays per cycle
    Horizontal flow wrapper - with registration and date encoding
    Dough extruder and droppers
    All season's temperature controlled environment
    Many miscellaneous tools and equipment for production
    Case label and labeling imprinting equipment
    GF, Kosher and nut-free processes available
    UPC's and nutritional analysis available

    North Fork Specialty Kitchen

    8595 Cox Lane, Unit #3
    Cutchogue, NY 11935
    Phone: 631-734-6100

    Acid, acidified, and water activity controlled sauces

    Once Again Nut Butter

    PO Box 429
    Nunda , NY 14517-0429
    Contact: Steve Zoller
    Phone: 585-468-2535
    Fax: 585-468-5995
    Phone: 585-468-5996

    Glass, Pails: honey, nut butters

    Pata Negra LLC

    20 Harrison St
    Gloversville, NY 12078
    Phone: 518-775-1742
    Contact: info [at]

    USDA plant for the production of dry cured sausages (Salami, Chorizo)

    Permac Enterprises Inc.

    83 S.Lake Rd.
    Bergen, NY 14416
    Phone /Fax: 585-494-0070
    Email: coachtony [at]
    Contact: Tony Perry or Jamie Lloyd

    Glass, Meat products, Research and Development, pH testing, Thermal Processing, Formulated Acid and Acidified Sauces.
    USDA inspected, Licensed to process by NY State Dept. of Agriculture and Markets.

    Pellicano’s Specialty Foods

    Mario Pellicano, Owner
    Howard Manges, Manager
    125 Reading St.
    Buffalo, NY 14220
    Phone: 716-822-2366
    Fax: 716-822-1690
    Owner: Mario Pellicano
    Manager: Howard Manges

    Formulated acid and low water activity sauces and dressings

    Pika's Farm Table - CYRE Inc.

    874 Neighborhood Road
    Lake Katrine, NY 12449
    Phone: 845-254-5884
    Cell: 845-518-3503
    Email: luccroels [at]
    Contact: Luc Roels

    Private Label Foods

    1686 Lyell Ave.
    Rochester, NY 14606
    Phone: 585-254-9205
    Fax: 585-254-0186
    Contact: Bonnie Lavorato

    Formulated acid sauces and dressings

    Siena Development Group, Inc.

    253 Cortland Street
    Lindenhurst, NY 11757
    Phone: 347-828-2324

    Siena Development Group Inc. Licensed by Agriculture and Marketing (20-C Licensed)

    Food and beverage developer. We specialize in R&D for small start ups- getting the product from your kitchen to Shelf Stable, as well as tailoring it for mass production. We focus on all-natural products, preservatives and increasing the shelf-life of natural products. In addition to streamlining production and recipes, we are able to help with minor amounts of branding, including labels and graphic design. We are also capable of production small and short run batches for sampling.

    Schoolhouse Preserves

    1055 County Highway One
    Mt. Upton, NY 13809
    Phone: 607-563-9168
    Contact: Steve Lanza

    Acid and acidified sauces and preserves

    Union Theological/Columbia University Food Lab

    3041 Broadway
    New York, NY 10027
    Operated by Richard Madonna

    The Union/Columbia Food Lab is in the planning stages and aims to use the former UTS Kitchen to help small scale and start up food producers. Our mission is to be the home for food entrepreneurs in NYC and offer training and assistance to those in the neighboring communities who would like to learn how to start their own food venture. Part of our training is to help teach people how to eat healthier, reduce the cost of healthy eating and further the goals of a sustainable food environment. AS we are just starting, now is the time to get involved. Our equipment plans are evolving and will be updated soon.

    Vermont Kale Chips

    321 E. 6th Street
    New York, NY 10003
    Phone: 917-331-9476
    Email: patrick [at] (t) tony [at]
    Contact: Tony N.

    Vermont Kale Chips is a certified organic cold pressed company and also a co-packer with the ability to assist in co-packing products or do a private label items such as: cold pressed juice, orange and apple juice blends, protein smoothies, plant-based proteins, nut mylk, almond milk (or almond mylk), cashew milk, soy milk, cold brew coffees, lemonades, iced teas, and vegetable dips and dressings We can handle HPP processed, hot fill or flash pasteurized. Our own products are certified organic and USDA organic. Although we are New England area co-packer, we also have contract co-packer arrangements to produce closer New York City metro area and Connecticut to help cut cost for our own juice as well as co-packing clients.

    Further services can provide:
    Small batch co-packer / sampling creation of General Manufacturing Procedures Food Safety Counseling USDA Organic Compliance Counseling Distributor Support Packing Design (Organic and Non-organic) Recipe Development and Cost Consulting SQF-3 (level 3) certified specific clients.

    Victoria Fine Foods (formerly Victoria Packing)

    443 East 100th Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11236
    Contact: Gerald Aquilina, CEO
    Phone: 718-927-3000
    Fax: 718-649-7069
    Email: jaquilina [at]

    There are three separate facilities in Brooklyn and a facility in New Jersey totaling over 250,000 square feet. Our main production facility and offices are located in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn and operate 24 hours a day. There are 3 state-of-the-art production lines capable of producing over 200,000 jars per day. As an off shoot of our branded business, we private label and co-pack for many different Specialty and National Food Firms, Supermarket Chains and Warehouse Clubs, and the list keeps growing. Our customers range from the Fortune 100 to the self-entrepreneur and all are treated with the same respect and dignity. Our firm is a USDA Inspected Meat and Poultry Plant, Kosher, approved by the US Military for troop feeding, and is inspected by all the appropriate State and Federal food agencies, as well as Silika, AIB and Cook and Thurber laboratories where we maintain a superior rating of 960. It takes more than just a modern facility that can offer you vacuum packing, hot filling, pasteurizing, flame roasting, particle reduction, blending, homogenizing, and ability to pack over 200 bottle per minute. It takes the knowledge and expertise that comes from over 76 years of experience. We handle it all for you, from start to finish, so you can do what you do best, without any production headaches.

    Whitethorne LLC

    As a Small co packer, Certified Organic vegetable processor & fermenter. Processing Sauerkraut, Kim Chi, Hot Sauce, and fermented juices.

    Yohay Baking Company

    146 Albany Avenue
    Lindenhurst, NY 11757
    Phone: 631-225-0300
    Fax: 631-225-4277
    Email: cookies [at]

    Yohay Baking Company is a manufacturer of cookies, confections and dessert shells in New York, and offer services in Co-Packing and Gluten-Free Co-Packing. Yohay is a Kosher facility, and have a number of products which are certified Gluten Free. They have equipment for baking conventional cookies, kettles for mixing fudge and confections, a chocolate enrober, machinery for blending powdered food mixes and several wrapping machines. Yohay is 3rd party audited for the highest standards in quality and safety, and have metal detectors as precaution.

    Thanks to cottage food laws, you can run your food business from home

    A decade ago, Christina Marie Chambers was working an office job in D.C. and hating every minute of it. She quit to work at the restaurant Poste, moved to San Francisco, and cycled between office and restaurant jobs before launching a side business making wedding cakes and desserts out of her apartment (and under the radar).

    “It was fun and a little extra income but I wasn’t really pursuing it as a full-time gig,” says Chambers, 32.

    That was until she moved back to D.C. about a year ago and launched Black Pearl Tarts, her sweet and savory tart business.

    Chambers rents a rowhouse near the H Street Corridor, but having previously researched the laws and licenses that allow chefs to run food businesses out of their apartments or homes, she decided to go another route. She now rents commercial kitchen space at Union Market.

    “I put the time and resources into making it the real deal,” she says.

    If you’re a wizard in the kitchen or bake Pinterest-ready cakes, here’s what you need to know before launching a food business from home.

    Watch the video: Union Kitchen Food Incubator HD


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